Travel Theme (Wild)

Mrs Carmichael tries to stay as far away as possible from wild weather, wild water and wildebeest but the wild west has always appealed. I have no idea why!

This was taken in New Zealand’s South Island on my way back from a mini road trip to the West Coast (there is a wildness there too). There was something of the frontier about this town but the public loos were clean and most welcome.

a certain wildness (mrscarmichael)
a certain wildness (mrscarmichael)

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33 thoughts on “Travel Theme (Wild)

  1. You know, this could also be a great photo for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge. That Land Rover seems to be itching to go somewhere which would foreshadow another Mrs. Carmichael adventure and story!

  2. Spooky; I think it has the same number plate as my old Mazda up in Auckland. Sorry … it’s a great photo, but I’m now totally distracted by this mystery

  3. Mrs C! You fail at something? No wildness in you… of all people?
    Surely there must have been the odd wild night or heaven forbid… the odd wild(ish) storm in a mug of dark, whiskey laced coffee? πŸ˜‰

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