thanks for the mammaries

long ago and oh so far away (mrscarmichael's mother)
long ago and oh so far away (mrscarmichael’s mother)

Now here you all are thinking that:

1) Mrs Carmichael has made (and not noticed) an embarrassing typo.

2) This will be a page devoted to a) feminism and/or b) breasts

3) The authoress and self confessed woman (with breasts) has lost her few remaining metaphorical marbles.

And you could be right. But you’re not.

Here then, is a page devoted to days gone by. A life lived in a different place and a very different time.

It is worth noting that, flagrantly and with carefree abandon, I have stolen the title from my longest serving friend’s speech made at a Wellington Girls’ College reunion. A reunion she forced me to fly 12,000 miles to attend.

I will honour her with a post but wait with baited breath and much dudgeon to see how long it takes her to notice this personal copyright infringement.

now it's your turn

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