IMAGINE This: Alan Yentob You Are Costing Me a Fortune

Alan Yentob’s latest series of eclectic arts, Imagine has just concluded on BBC1. I have a goodly number of the episodes taped and ‘kept’ on my SKY player.

One I will struggle to delete. Vivian Maier, your black and white photographs are amazing.

vivian Maier NY, 1955 (Maloof collection)
vivian Maier NY, 1955 (Maloof collection)

They take my breath away.

self portrait,( Vivian Maier)
self portrait,( Vivian Maier)

And may never have been seen. Fortuitous fate has given her works of street life, her daily diary in monochrome to a receptive public. I don’t have funds enough to buy a print but the book of her works is winging its way to Casa Carmichael.

Her life was as extraordinary as her life’s work. French, American, rootless she nannied to survive and took photographs to fuel her soul.

Undeveloped the rolls and rolls of film sat in storage to be discovered, sold on and latterly heralded as pictorial  record of place and time.

She never knew her fame.

Chicago, 1957, Vivian Maier (Maloof collection)
Chicago, 1957, Vivian Maier (Maloof collection)

Book – £35.00

Richard Rogers, architect and cityscape guru. Lloyds of London, once reviled now elevated to Grade 1 listed status and a masterpiece in my eyes (too bad his partner designed the Shard but that’s another blog entirely, Weekly Photo Challenge (The World Through My Eyes) A Rant About the Shard).

all grades of listing (

I’m off to his exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, Piccadilly tout suite.

Station parking plus tube fare – £15.00. Entry – £8.00

Running total – £58.00

Ah, a double bill of Woody Allen – warts and all. Brilliant.

the man himself (BBC website)
the man himself (BBC website)

Film clips, interviews, bio, commentary from everyone of note (except Mia) – gripping stuff.

Out of date but updated biography by Eric Lax -£10.00. Hannah and Her Sisters – Amazon -£3.40. Luckily have bootlegged Bangkok copy of Vicky, Christina, Barcelona – n/c.

Running total – £71.40

And finally, thank heavens finally, another top architect, arguably the top architect (and a woman to boot), Zaha Hadid. Oh My Days, Mrs Carmichael is in awe of this London based Iraqui who, despite professional setbacks, has achieved so much and who continues to change the face of design and stretch the frontiers of imagination.

yes please (
yes please (

And one I took earlier:

olympic pool, London (mrscarmichael)
olympic pool, London (mrscarmichael)

Round the world air ticket to visit Hadid designs – £8,256.00. Accommodation – £10,000ish.

Running total – £18,327.40ish.

Bankruptcy lawyer – £?????????????

Alan, Alan, Alan what have you done to me?

Mrs Carmichael cannot wait for Imagine 2014.


34 thoughts on “IMAGINE This: Alan Yentob You Are Costing Me a Fortune

      1. 😀

        And I realised, I did see one of the other programmes, on Don McCullin, as I’ve long admired his photography, must be (shhh) 40 years now….

  1. Thanks, Mrs M, for your excellent review of this series, esp Vivian Maier. We only have iplayer (which tells you next to nothing about the progs) and had barely discovered the Woody Allen episodes. Now we know to dig deeper.

    1. Look quickly because I think they go today!!!!!
      The Vivian Maier is brilliant. I loved the zaha H as well because I adore her architecture and of course Woody is always good value.
      go look right now 🙂

  2. I saw the Viven Maier programme and was really disappointed in it. I gave up halfway through because I felt I wasn’t learning anything I couldn’t find if I looked at the photos myself and googled her. It was a shame because the photos they showed were fantastic. Perhaps the second half picked up?

    1. Should probably say why……. The end of her life was homeless and yet she still prioritised photography over comfort. I don’t believe I would have thought about how up close she got to her subjects (no zoom) without the programme pointing it out. A most odd and most interesting woman.
      I do however agree that many of his programmes are simply taken from elsewhere. But on the flip side, there are few series that get me thinking and doing more.

    1. listen her photos are incredible. Like an autobiography of her life. I think the programme will be off BBC iplayer now but go to the official website for her and look at the Maloof collection (where I got these examples).

  3. Imagine is my absolutely favourite programme on the beeb. I completely agree with all the things you have said about Vivien Maier, Woody et al…just fantastic! Did you ever see the one about Thomas Heatherwick, the english architect? BREATHTAKING!!! If you like Zaha Hadid, I think you would like him. He’s the one who did the Olympic flame for London – which I burst into tears upon seeing rise after being lit. I did, I literally sobbed with the beauty of it! Mr P nearly had me sectioned…

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