Weekly Photo Challenge (Foreshadow)

With some prescience I mentioned Prince Charles’ foreshadowing of his and Diana’s marriage in his comment “Whatever In Love Means” a few posts ago but this morning I’m bringing this baby much closer to home.

I spent a lovely week last July in Puerto Pollenca with Mr Carmichael, Gracie (my long time friend) and her husband, A…….

We rented a house which was, to say the least, oversold in its promotional material in particular the use of a fish eye lens to photograph the pool but we did love the area, Pine Walk, where it was located – ish (certainly not the 100 yards the brochure promised) from the sea.

I took lots of photos I fell deeply for a pair of gates…….

cool huh? (mrscarmichael)
cool huh? (mrscarmichael)

I loved them so much I took a few close ups……..

piscine scene
piscine scene (mrscarmichael)

I loved not only their modernist appearance but because I could see a pool the size of a pool and not a puddle beyond their keypad entry system.

We went to the Illa d’Or’s bar…….

could a bar have a better name? (mrscarmichael)
could a bar have a better name? (mrscarmichael)

“Gin and tonic? Don’t mind if I do, Camarero.”

This month Mr C and I return to PP a deux. This time we shall stay in the Illa d’Or apartments, behind those gates where a pool is a pool, the saunter to the sea is only an inch or so and the G and T’s sweet as…….

May many more of my random photographs foreshadow holidays of the future.

I’ll drink to that thought. Chin chin.

I’m liking the ones with a story this week:

45 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge (Foreshadow)

      1. can you resend and i’ll check. every thing that happens on WP gives me a notification so I have a gizillion emails.
        once ive got this one I just might give you another which is better.

      1. HAHAHAAAAAAAA! That cracked me up ! Guess what ? It’s now 8:58 pm..WAY past Abstemious !!!

      1. Ahh, you should check out my India blog! (south asia)… Just a warning that I don’t think of India as a holiday, but it is certainly an adventure! 🙂

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