Travel Theme (Pink)

The theme choice pink couldn’t be more perfect for Mrs Carmichael this week. Having just returned from the Marrakech medina, she is currently pickled pink.

through the pink door (mrscarmichael)
through the pink door (mrscarmichael)
welcome mint tea and cookie in a pink glass box (mrscarmichael)
welcome mint tea and cookie in a pink glass box (mrscarmichael)
follow the pink stone road (mrscarmichael)
follow the pink stone road (mrscarmichael)
take a pink (mrscarmichael)
take a pink (mrscarmichael)
pattern me pink (mrscarmichael)
pattern me pink (mrscarmichael)

Others in the pink here:

37 thoughts on “Travel Theme (Pink)

    1. Ailsa must be a magician, Marion, she always knows how to pick the right theme, not only for me but obviously also for mrscarmichael.

      The pink door and the pink stone road … I wonder, if perhaps the Morrocan Wizzard of Oz is living there somewhere?

  1. I hope this is the start of some wonderful Moroccan posts mrsc. These photos are all beautiful but my favourite is the pink glass box. Isn’t it a lovely tradition to welcome guests with a glass of tea. We experienced that many times in Oman – ginger tea and mint tea were my favourites.

  2. Nice new look! Pink is one of my favorites colors and you nailed it especially that wacky wonderful door! I have not come across her Pink challenge yet but I will definitely try it! Wonderful gallery!

  3. The world certainly seems to be turning pink and just to think I hadn’t really noticed how much pink is around till Ailsa challenged us with it. great selection of pink things Mrs C

  4. Mrs. C, how nice to have you back so you can share some of the beauty you saw in a place I’ve never been. I can’t really choose which is my favorite photo because each one is so colorful and beautiful. I’ll have to have a cup of tea and contemplate. All the best with the puppy. What breed are you getting or maybe it’s a rescue?


    1. Janet I’m sorry he’s not a rescue. That said I am in dire need of rescue after 3 sleepless nights.
      Lyle is a Cockapoo and I am about to pop some pics up because I’m incapable of words at present.
      Thanks re pics. It’s a VERY interesting place.

  5. I commented on the bench pic, but I think it’s only on the pic page itself. An absolute fav of mine. Thanks from including your readers along on your Moroccan journey. 🙂

    1. Oh Michelle, so glad you wrote again. For some silly WordPress reason I cannot reply to photo comments. I do get them and enjoy them though.
      I will put a post up about the trip soon but my net post will explain why words fail me at the present.

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