Writus Interrupted

My darling followers:

I post this in mitigation of my vanishing act of late. Believe me I have loads to tell you. Gracie and Mrs C’s three days on the Kent Coast; Fatima, Aisha and Leila’s travels/travails in Marrakech and the Atlas foothills and a bit of LIG (life in general) but something/someone is taking upΒ all of my time at present.

Je present, Lyle (a Cockapoo with chutzpah):

baby Lyle (6 weeks) Lyle's breeder
baby Lyle (6 weeks) Lyle’s breeder

Lyle came home on Sunday

that step looks huge (mrscarmichael)
that step looks huge (mrscarmichael)

and has taken control of Casa Carmichael.

Lyle and Peter Rabbit (mrscarmichael)
Lyle and Peter Rabbit (mrscarmichael)

Peter really needs to introduce Lyle to ‘the soporific effects of lettuce’.

one shoe fits all (mrscarmichael)
one shoe fits all (mrscarmichael)

Go on, tell me how lovely he is.

I really hope you enjoy dog day tales because they’re coming a plenty as soon as my sleep deprived brain is functioning once again.

56 thoughts on “Writus Interrupted

  1. Oho so you did it! I don’t blame you one bit – he is utterly and completely gorgeous and quite, quite irresistible. I hope he’s sleeping peacefully through the night!

  2. Hurrah! You did it! Lyle is one darling doggie. A face that you can deny nothing too. That cute little button nose, that little mouth, that furry fur, those eyes! I think I’m in love, and will expect many more photos to keep us up to date.

  3. Envy! I can now vicariously enjoy a puppy, and watch as your house, shoes, floors and sanity are tested, not mine! Cockapoos are good at bouncing too, my brother has a black one, and out walking in the longer grass has springs on his feet. Keep on bloggin!

  4. I had forgotten how much work there is with a puppy when we got Totti… – but it’s all worth it! What a sweetie you have got!

  5. OK if you insist, isn’t he lovely πŸ™‚ I’m just not certain I could go for a cockapoo. but p’raps its no worse than labradoodle πŸ™„

    And why Lyle? Surely not because he looks like golden syrup?

    1. you cruel woman and yes he does look like golden syrup. we had two wonderful retrievers before but the last years were such heavy lifting we knew we couldn’t do that again if we were lucky enough for him to live to 15/16.

      I wanted a dog that everyone would love and so far it’s going bloody well.

  6. He’s a cutie, that’s for sure. It must be like bringing home a new baby and although I don’t envy you, I’m looking forward to all the new doggie themed stories told in your unique style mrsc. Have fun!

  7. What a handsome ‘poo. Very clever of him to get you to bring him home. And so the rule of the house shifts…

  8. Squeee! He is absolutely, heart meltingly lovely! So sweet, I can’t wait until he gets brave and we start hearing about his adventures in Casa Carmichael. πŸ˜€

  9. He will eat so much time – I suggest you invest in voice recognition s/w to enter your blogs. Unless you have already found a telepathic system that can interpret your thought waves? (Truth? – just jealous!)

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