Travel Theme (Beaches)

I knew It would not be long until Ailsa (Where’s my backpack?) chose one of my favourite places to be in the world as her topic de semaine. Having grown up surrounded by water with the sea on every side moving to London makes beach centric travels imperatives for me, Mrs Carmichael.

I am now editing furiously, believe me.

Thankfully I have just booked an early July seaside sojourn which this evening, over a pre-prandial vino, I will invite Mr Carmichael to join me on.

Life’s a beach. Cheers.

28 thoughts on “Travel Theme (Beaches)

    1. It’s my screen saver. My friend and I were on bikes and we thought we could get round the whole island. It was coming to sunset. The road just stopped but I managed a couple of shots before the u-turn.

      1. Heh. Same here. Husband’s at work, I’m running the usual Sunday errands with Flower Child.

        Still, I’m not doing anything I don’t absolutely have to, and the sun is shining. 🙂

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