Weekly Photo Challenge (Patterns)

After three brilliant weeks in New Zealand two of my best friends and I were picked up by the third (best friend) and driven into Melbourne town for three days of high jinks and reminisce.

The journey into the heart of this city never fails to impress. Here, then are two of my favourite patterns on airport drive.

the yellow cab was a gift (mrscarmichael)
the yellow cab was a gift (mrscarmichael)

and some poles……………………….

on the route (mrscarmichael)
on route (mrscarmichael)

79 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge (Patterns)

  1. Very cool patterns. Did you drive and take the photo? I must admit I’m guilty of that a lot. ๐Ÿ™‚ But it’s so tempting!

    1. Yes, it’s the special one. I got another on the same drive of two bridge columns that I love. The city of Melbourne has made a big effort to get it’s first impression right.

  2. Yes, like Veronica, I want to know who was driving?? LOL. I’ve done it myself too. I love that picture; what a great pattern to see upon arrival in a new city. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Melbourne is my third favourite city in the world, behind Wellington and Edinburgh. San Francisco is in there somewhere too, but I don’t get to spend enough time there to nurture the love!

      1. Auckland; go to Welly about every three months. Hubby has been working between NZ and Melbourne for years so lots of trips there too. Fewer now that boy-child too old to be easily spirited out of school for holidays.

      2. ah yes I know that time……I’m just coming out the other end and now we are sadly dog less as well, I intend to do a lot of flitting.

  4. Nice, and I know what you mean about driving into town. When you drive into my hometown from the airport, you go through a tunnel and suddenly downtown opens up below and in front of you. Most impressive.

    1. Beautiful skyscrape! There is a moment in Wellington where you come down a steep gorge, hang a wide right and, if the day is nice, get a first view if her harbour, city and housing perched on the hills. Lovely.

  5. Some great photos. I pass over the bridge you photographed regularly – my family calls it the “hair roller”, and there’s a big yellow “comb” just before you get to it as you’re coming from the airport. You’ve captured it beautifully!

    1. Thank you, I’ve got a lovely one of the off-angle towers of a bridge further into town with a glowering sky as well. I love the roadside sculpture Melbourne has invested in too – saw plenty on my way down to the Mornington Peninsula.

      1. Ah yes, that’s the Eastern Freeway. Some great sculptures all along its’ length – like the mini hotel and the one that looks like someone’s emptied a giant packet of mentos. Hope you enjoyed your trip.

      2. I pulled up to the mini-hotel once and told my kids we were staying the night. I thought it would be a hilarious prank but unfortunately they saw right through me and got more evidence that I’m a dork.

  6. I really like the perspective you’ve captured with these photos. Well done! They are amazing. I’m always taking photos out through the windscreen, (not while driving!!) and hope every time that the windscreen is clean enough.

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