Christmas Dress Code, A Festive Saga (Part the First)

candy kitsch (mrscarmichael)
candy kitsch (mrscarmichael)

It’s Christmas time again. We must deck the halls, dress the tree, hang the wreath and spend, spend, spend in true Carmichaely fashion. We must eat, drink and be merry.

A number of the above are done (tree, wreath), are partially done (halls) are in the process of being done (halls), are ongoing (eating, drinking, merriment) and some haven’t been started (the spending). That is if we don’t count the broken microwave and dishwasher (and in real time Daughter #2’s unbacked up dissertation PC) that need replacing pre festivities and Casa Carmichael filling up.

bare middrift unacceptable (mrscarmichael)
bare middrift unacceptable (mrscarmichael)

The tree was not without incident but the choosing, up-putting and decoration went without hitch. As opposed to previous Carmichael Christmases (see footnotes).

The lighting was somewhat problematic, injurious and argument inducing. And had to be spread over two days.

My dreams last night were peppered with broken lightbulbs, elves and crumbly pine cones. My sleep restless.

However and with only a brief frisson of fight, Mr C charged to the rescue and sorted the illuminations. Thank you Baby Jesus. I really didn’t want to throw more coinage at the outage.

the tree is dressed (mrscarmichael)
the tree is dressed (mrscarmichael)

We are, this year, voyaging into unchartered waters vis a vis Christmas stockings. I, Mrs Carmichael, have put my delicately shod metaphorical foot down and instigated a new plan. The micro stocking.

Yes, of course I have had to sweeten the pill. Three MAC makeup products per micro fishnet. Not cheap but nor is the shit I end up stuffing into the oversized originals.

There have been stipulations. On both sides.

“I get to choose the three,” says Daughter #1.

“Yes, within reason,” say I realising that MAC will have some top ‘o the range bank breaking offering which cannot be countenanced. Especially when one takes into account the cost of microwaves, dishwashers and Apple PC’s.

“I still want a chocolate orange,” texts Daughter #2. “I can’t wait from breakfast to dinner without sweet stuff.”

“We can have a shared Christmas candy basket,” I offer knowing they’ll have to be fleet of hand and foot to beat my husband to its contents.

“Can I have a micro pig in my micro stocking?” asks Daughter #3.


“I don’t wear makeup,” declares Daughter #4. “I want a proper stocking.”

“Ok,” I concede, kindness personified.

New rules established I’m sorta’ (and somewhat oddly) looking forward to the week ahead and the shopping therein.

Now I just have to source those micro stockings whilst steering clear of the diamante encrusted offerings.


A) Yes, Victoria I know my bow is not as good as your bow…………

B) Compulsory reading for the full sensurround Carmichael Crimble Experience.

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A must read for all those lucky enough to avoid enduring my tree raising last year and memories of Xmas past.

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27 thoughts on “Christmas Dress Code, A Festive Saga (Part the First)

  1. Ah, Casa Carmichael sounds very Christmassy. Afraid I don’t do any of that anymore – last Christmas tree to be decorated was in 2004! And I leave the stockings to my daughter. I understand the chocolate orange though – in our family it is giant toblerones for the boys and sugared almonds for my daughter! I hadn’t realised you have four daughters! That’s gonna be expensive for Mr C 😀

    1. Daughters have embraced online shopping and I am being instructed to stay in for full days at a time! Oh the chocolate orange came about because of a trauma in my own childhood – see footnote post – A New Look for Christmas Stocking 2012.
      Must say I do love a tobelerone – may include in candy basket 🙂

  2. That wreath is lovely! And you are way, way ahead of me. I’ve yet to do one Christmasy thing. Not shopping, spending, or decorating. Except…a chocolate orange. Yup, I’m with Daughter #2, it is a necessity for Christmas Day.

    Is it wrong to admit my first thought when I read micro stocking was, “Excellent! Jewelry!” Sigh. I guess I could use a new mascara. Or wrinkle cream. 🙂

    1. having just ‘splurged’ on a new microwave and pc for daughter #2 (finals’ year) – micro is the operative word. Found the stockings today. They’re like baby booties only christmasy.

      1. you’re right – only we keep them as kids so long now I’m going to be 90 with a full beard before I get the thanks I’ve been craving for the past 24 years.

  3. Oh mrsc, I remember well your musings about last year’s Christmas tree. It was the funniest story I have ever read, and it inspired Justin Beaver to pretend to be an angel. Hilarious…

    What is a micro stocking? I’m guessing one so small that not much will fit in it, which sounds like a good idea to me!

    1. That is exactly what it is and I have sourced them! They are actually tree decorations so you can imaging the minuscule size 🙂

      Thank you for the undeserved (cough) words on Me Thee or the Tree. Funnily enough I have attached it at the end but am getting hits on the 2012 stocking and not it (which I agree is one of my better ones) 😦

      1. There’s no way of predicting what people will read and like, as I have discovered on my blogs too. I should tell my girls that I am getting new stocking for them…the reaction would be amusing.

  4. You are funny Mrs Carmichael! 🙂 And four… FOUR daughters! You belong in Jane Austen! 🙂 I almost want to say I look forward to hearing how you manage to marry them off but that’s just not the thing these days (thank GOD!) I love your idea of micro-stockings and may just steal that idea. Bare midriff not to be countenanced indeed. There’s a dress code around here! 🙂 Oh and LOVE the snow…

    1. Well thank you. Have sourced the micro fishnets – go me!
      Just put up episode #2 in which Mr C does not come out of it too well – my Sense and my Sensibilities were most offended.
      I am not everything I appear to be. Shhh. About 90% truth 10% pure Mrs C.
      The snow’s easy – go to settings.

  5. I may turn up at your house for Christmas if I can get a stocking with three MAC make-up items in it. That’s still pretty generous, I’d say! I’m putting measuring spoons in my son’s (but then he’s into cooking at the moment and I want to encourage…).

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