Travel Theme (Symbol)

Although the Barbican in the City of London had her opening ceremony in 1982 it is arguably the symbol of Brutalist architecture in our fair metropolis and was planned way back in the swinging 60’s.

Designed by Chamberlin, Powell and Bon she is loved (Grade II listed) and reviled (voted London’s worst building, 2003) in equal measure and is certainly an, in your face, experience worthy of investigation and, dare I say, a visit.

I love it (says the child of the 60’s) and would enjoy inhabiting a pied a terre there. Oh, the views from tower apartments.

The following photos were taken on a chill but clear Autumn day back in November.

elevator to the top of the world please (mrscarmichael)
elevator to the top of the world please (mrscarmichael)

The sun and shade a photographer’s dream

lower level apartments (mrscarmichael)
lower level apartments (mrscarmichael)

light through dark

peeping out (mrscarmichael)
peeping out (mrscarmichael)

More symbols over at Where’s my backpack? and my related post Out and About in London Town.

13 thoughts on “Travel Theme (Symbol)

  1. had not heard of Brutalist before – have always referred to it as czechoslovakian embasssy style! the Barbican is the place for lost souls and the latter image is both brilliant and pertinent

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