And Here it is…..Casa Carmichael’s Christmas Tree #2

Phew, we made it and are now rejoicing in the uprightness, the 160 working lights, the decorations and the symmetry of our 2012 edition – Christmas tree #2.

For those who suffered with me on the long and winding road that was Me, Thee or the Tree I felt you deserved a happy ending, a metaphorical egg nog, gluhwein or vin chaud and a photo of the finished article. No step ladder to be seen.

Of course it will look more Christmassy when there are presents underneath but its baby steps and only the 10th of December. Already? The 10th December, how did that happen?

awaiting gifts (mrscarmichael)
no tilt tree awaiting gifts (mrscarmichael)

Merry Christmas, y’all. I’ve got some shopping to do.


25 thoughts on “And Here it is…..Casa Carmichael’s Christmas Tree #2

    1. Thank you, Sir. I bet you miss a little of the dark and snowy yule time…..for a moment at least. However there’s much to be said for crayfish, chilled champagne and pavlova on a table outside with friends. Ahh, I’m getting homesick.

    1. Well thank you but my day has taken a turn for the worse tomorrow. I’ve just found out I’m supposed to be at a Spanish group breakfast, a manicure and tutoring all at the same time tomorrow at 10am. Wish me luck……………….

      No shopping in sight.

      1. All sorted….broke the fast at a local café…….nails done (scarlet). Tutorial moved until 4.30……preparing for it now. Oh no I’m not. I’m on WordPress. OOOps.

  1. Beautiful tree! I do the tree timing dance every year. I wait, and wait to get a tree (can’t bring it in too soon, heat is pumped like crazy in our apartment so they die pretty quickly), and then one day I wake up saying it MUST be today. Usually a day when my daughter is sick or it’s freezing rain outside, and then bring home a tree I’m unhappy with because I couldn’t spend all the time or money I wanted. Ahhh, Christmas. 😉

    1. From one mrs to another thank you so much for your kind comments on my bedecked conifer. It is quite a ridiculous tradition when you think about it isn’t it? But it does look pretty.

      I’ve just had my first foray into the mad London world of pressy shopping and come home with some ………paper napkins.

      Damn, that’s not good.

  2. Your tree looks gorgeous now and your room is fab! I read your previous post to catch up and thought it was hilarious, in that way that dreadful events when written about can be much funnier than anything else. I love your clip board message. Hmm. Would it work with Mr Litlove?? You’d be amazed what that man can blindside. I bear it in mind though, and consider it an exemplary gift of the season from you to me…. 🙂

    1. Thank so much and agree about ‘dreadful events’. I now pop my daily angst in a mental compartment (anti-dementia 101) for future blog fodder.

      I once bought a book called ‘Where Did it all Go Right?’ It was someone’s (male) autob/memoir but after loving the, what I took to be ironic, title got utterly bored with all the good things happening in the author’s life in the 70’s and was forced to stop reading.

      Compare that to ‘Running with Scissors’……..

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