Weekly Photo Challenge (From Lines to Patterns)

This topic has come at a perfect time for Mrs Carmichael because she has been bursting to pen a post about her recent sky high meeting with two fellow bloggers, JB who writes about his lederhosen attired adventures in The Adventures of Justin Beaver and his minder, The Eternal Traveller who is, as I type, probably dieting on waffles and Belgian chocolate.

But back to the challenge. On a rainy Monday we scaled the tallest building in London to look at the view and snap a few pics if the cloud cover allowed. It just about did and I found lines and patterns aplenty.

A selection follows:

And of course the gallery would not be complete without a photo of Justin hunting for my car in the wasteland car park 72 floors below.

JB surveys SE1 (mrscarmichael)
JB surveys SE1 (mrscarmichael)

Now I know I have been rude about the Shard in a previous post (see below) and it is still not my favourite modern building by a long, long margin but something rather magical happened as I got back to the extortionately priced parking puddle and my Fiat Bambina.

The sun came out and Mrs Shard put on her best patterned dress for me.

what d'ya think to that? (mrscarmichael)
The Shard. What d’ya think to that? (mrscarmichael)

I’m rather pleased with that one.

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31 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge (From Lines to Patterns)

  1. Well, is this maybe the building I saw from the train coming in to London from Gatwick? I had never heard of the building, and I got the strangest pictures through the window…in fact I forgot to ask anyone about what this is…Now I know – thank you! I also know how it looks in a fabulous shot from Mrs C!

      1. Offices (which they can’t fill), a hotel, restaurants and bars and the viewing gallery up the top.
        On a nice day the views would be stunning but its about £20 – a lot!

  2. The view from the top always takes one’s breathe away either cause its beautiful or fear of heights or both. London…wish I stayed longer. I only got 8 days to enjoy it. Not fair. Hu, hu, hu. I’m hoping my wish will come true of another London dream trip when I tossed a coin in wishing fountain.

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