Weekly Photo Challenge (Curves)

I am certainly not going to be the only blogger to post a work of Gaudí’s in response to the weekly photo challenge so have decided to get in quick smart for as the saying goes, ‘it’s the quick and the dead’ and as we all know Mrs Carmichael is Living My Life One Aphorism at a Time.

The Casa Batlló in Barcelona’s Passeig de Gràcia is a straight line free zone. Perfect then for this photographic challenge.

I like these:

44 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge (Curves)

  1. Crikey, you are feeling creative today, Mrs C….I’m not even off the starting blocks. In terms of the quick and the dead, I see precisely where I stand. And the view doesn’t look good…BTW, great set of images..

      1. I don’t think so, just my perspective? I just commented on the very photo. I would love to know what it really was?

  2. Raining? In Barcelona?
    These photos make me homesick for Gaudi and Art Nouveau and Barcelona —
    He was an austere and devout person despite the colors and curves and richness of his architecture. Somehow he reconciled both in his art. The Parc Guell, with those amazing curving benches made from shards of pottery, is my favorite of all his masterpieces.

    1. Yes, yes and yes to all you say. It was January so a little rain is excused (more of my trip there filed under Mrscarmichael is away from her desk, take 3 girls – Barcelona.
      It is raining in London town and I’m contemplating firing up the heating.

  3. Absolutely stunning shots for the entry Mrs. C. You’ve outdone yourself again for sure. 😀 Thanks for sharing. *hugs*

  4. A perfect choice even if others do follow. Lovely photos to start off the weekend. They even seem to have brought out the sun (maybe fleetingly) here in Hertfordshire!

  5. Strangely… I was expecting curves of a more feminine kind… handbags, rings… dress shapes… beautiful calves… you would know 😉


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