29 thoughts on “Baz Luhrmann and The Great Gatsby, 3D Style (a Review)

    1. The plot’s much the same but not much else (most characterisation and symbolism abandoned) and because it’s a short novel the 2 hours and 23 minutes drag by with filler after filler. The 3D is totally Mr Carmichael’s fault and made the experience somewhat debilitating for yours truly in the motion sickness department.

  1. I think I’ll wait for the DVD then too. I am not good with 3D at all. Thanks for the review. πŸ™‚ *hugs*

      1. You should have been sick all over Mr C. I bet that would make him remember. LOL! Well, good to know then and thanks again Mrs. C. πŸ™‚

  2. Wow, you really trashed this movie without saying a word!! Haha, only you, mrs. carmichael, would have the ability to do this! I love it!!! I don’t see what all the infatuation is with 3D movies. I really don’t enjoy them at all. It seems like all the movies coming out these days are 3D. And what’s the point?

  3. Oh no! Simultaneous to notice of this post was an invitation to a charity ‘premiere’ screening of this flick in Mastervegas, an event I feel some obligation to attend. Or at least pay for …

    1. Shhhh, that’s a secret, isn’t it? Because I’ve ‘studied’ it with so many students I like it more than I did on my first casual read but equally for some that would only make it worse.
      The movie would make an alcoholic thirsty!

  4. I’ve never seen a 3D movie and have no particular interest in them (I get motion sick!). I love this review – very clever indeed πŸ˜€

  5. 3D – a perfect example of ‘just because you CAN do soemthing, doesn’t always mean you should…’ I loved this book and had already decided to steer clear of the film. Thank you for the reinforcement!!

  6. I just read an email from my daughter saying how fantastic it was, and that we absolutely must see it. I’m not a great fan of cinemas though, as I can’t stand the smell and crackle of popcorn. I’ll wait for the dvd rather. πŸ™‚

  7. 3D was all the rage in the 70s (well, it was in South Africa, where I grew up). I said never again after being traumatised by the fleshy part of the severed arm in Jaws III.

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