In Which Mrs Carmichael Looses the Plot and Needs to Take Time Out For a Jolly Good Cry

yes, I'm feeling blue (weeping woman, Viola Frey,
yes, I’m feeling blue (weeping woman, Viola Frey,

It wasn’t meant to be this way. Mrs Carmichael has been looking forward to Thursday, 23rd May for quite some weeks. More so since the weekend gone when she was ‘Luhrmanned’ within an inch of her 3D life and forced to pen a review of The (not so) Great Gatsby, Baz Luhrmann and The Great Gatsby, 3D Style (a Review) because she ‘ had the……. conviction that life was beginning once again with the [evening]’. Thanks, F. Scott I can take it from here.

The back story:

As some of you, my Second Life confidents, already know I am due to see Northern Ballet’s Great Gatsby tonight with my Kiwi friend, S……

Yesterday before I drove to Birmingham (and back) to lunch with Daughter #2, post uni exams (hers not mine), I took a deep breath and approached my ‘put everything important in here’ drawer to retrieve the tickets so I could relax on the hundred mile journey north safe in the knowledge that I would not be begging Sadler’s Wells to let us in or scouring online bank statements to prove payment. That has happened before. The drawer has been known to let me down. It’s a scary place.

he's got me just about right (
he’s got me just about right (

Anyway, hooray and hallelujah, I found the tickets in a heart beat. My heart swelled with relief and joy. And then it burst. I read the date. I read the date again. I checked my calendar. The date had gone. A week ago. Exactly.

There was no doubt about it. Mrs Carmichael had f&*%ed up. Big time. And she couldn’t even blame the drawer.

Putting a very brave face on it I text S…… with profuse and abject apologies. I textually prostrated myself at her feet, begged forgiveness and promised redemption (my own that is) on my return from Birmingham. Somewhat sadly for me, everything she plans goes off without hitch.

Note to self: socialise with lower flyers on more of a regular basis.

I exited Casa Carmichael with speed and stealth unable to discuss my failings/destroyed evening out with judgemental family members various just at that moment.

I had a good time in Birmingham, ate Caesar salad, no croutons, managed to stay spending on Daughter #2 to a bikini for Ibiza (upcoming birthday) and tested my tale out on her. She is the dancer and as such concentrated on the shame of having missed out on this:

Daisy and Gatsby as ....... and Leo can only dream it to be (NB prdt photo, Bill Cooper)
Daisy and Gatsby as Corey Mulligan and Leo can only dream it to be (NB prdt photo, Bill Cooper)

And this:

boo hoo hoo (Northern Ballet prdt photo, Bill Cooper)
boo hoo hoo (Northern Ballet prdt photo, Bill Cooper)

The castigation, I realised, was coming later.

Actually, you know what it really didn’t. And that’s a good thing. I think because mea culpa was the only route available to me I milked it for all it was worth. And S……, has a big day in her big job so pretends to be relieved. Please God she doesn’t read the excellent reviews.

“I’ve only got myself to blame,” I shall use more frequently in the future I have decided.

Right now I’m typing this instead of bearding ‘the drawer’ to check play tickets for next Thursday, Mayerling tickets, early June and hotel bookings north of Barcelona.

Wish me luck. It’s going to be a hell of an afternoon but, as we now know, I’ve only got myself to blame.


31 thoughts on “In Which Mrs Carmichael Looses the Plot and Needs to Take Time Out For a Jolly Good Cry

  1. Oh NO!!! Bummer of all bummers! Poor mrs. carmichael, my heart goes out to you. At least, thank goodness, you managed to salvage the night, but that is really such a shame to have spent all that money (and all that anticipation) on nothing. Oh well. It’s what we call in economics a “sunk cost” and you just have to write it off and forget it ever happened. When are you going to Barcelona? I’ll be arriving there on June 28! 🙂

    1. a ‘sunk cost’ I like it. I think that’s what Mr C thinks I am most of the time already.
      Amazingly, we fly in on the 2nd July but head up the coast for 5 days. Mr C has a conference the next Monday so I’m bunking in his baca room for a night or two before I fly home.
      Have you been before? It’s one of my Fave cities and was only there in Jan – I did a post something like 3 girls in Barcelona – it should be filed under ‘mrscarmichael is away from her desk’.
      Be very very careful of the pick pockets – they even do locals.

      1. I’ll be leaving Barcelona on July 3 and heading to Toledo, then to Andalucia. I’ve never been to Spain at all. As an American, I can’t easily flit around Europe. That’s why I intend to stay a month in Spain and Portugal. Who knows when I’ll be able to come back to Europe once I return to the USA. 😦

        Thanks for the warning about pickpockets. I’ve also read about this in Lonely Planet. I better be careful! Have a great time there, mrs. carmichael. 🙂 I’ll check out your post!

      2. you have no idea how long it took me to MAKE it work though. Still life’s not meant to be easy and as we both know I’m not going out tonight 😦

  2. Aargh!! I do commiserate- I’m always losing the plot these days, I put it down to either MS or the menopause, but that’s probably cheating…But hey, you’ve a trip to Barcelona to look forward to…

    1. I think my menopause must have started in my twenties but it’s certainly cracking on apace now! Yes, I’m just in the midst of checking that the ‘really good hotel deals’ I secured are really good hotel deals. I’ve taken Gatsby as a warning. My heart is in my mouth.

  3. Oh ouch! I am very sorry to hear about this. And at least you can be sure that for the next 6 months every outing will go really smoothly because you’ll check like a wild thing! 🙂

  4. Oh NO!!!!!! What a bummer 😦 If it helps you feel better, I did a similar thing with a drs appt for Flower Child. One of those drs you have to wait months to get an appt.

    1. Yes – there may be a silver lining. Just got Mr C to agree to a week in Mallorca at the end of August. He agreed 6 minutes ago and, because or preplanning on my part, its all booked already 🙂 This “I have done really badly but know it’s all my fault” is working really well.

  5. Oh, dear…sounds like something I could have done…Although I couldn’t have written about it in that sparklingly, ironic and funny way…Have fun in Barcelona and on Mallorca instead! That thing about it “all being my fault” works up here in the north as well…

  6. Oh – good grief! This sounds like something I would do. I really feel for you Mrs C – the worst feeling is when the penny drops (and your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you with the dates!) 😦

    1. yes, my first thought was ‘Oh, nice that was Dad’s birthday and then I remembered I’d mentioned to Mr C that it was his BD a week ago – clang of alarm bells – then checked the diary and realised I’d made the mistake right back at point of booking. And then hadn’t checked the bloody tickets when they arrived in the post…..yada yada yada.

  7. Stop beating yourself up, Mrs C. A really good cock-up gives one perspective and allows you to hold your head high and take great pride when things do go well.

    1. It can happen very easily, I assure you. I have now checked play tickets and the ballet. I have emailed the Parador to make sure my booking exists before I book the flights. I do scare myself. Thank heavens it’s a long weekend here. Just hoping the temperature gets into double figures – ghastly 😦

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