Travel Theme (Up)

It is just fortuitous that on my recent long weekend in Barcelona I took so many photographs of stairs. They fit nicely with Ailsa’s (Where’s my backpack?) travel theme of the week – up.

Without further ado some Barcelona stairs:

I want these in my house (mrscarmichael)
I want these in my house (mrscarmichael)

A set of stairs and more importantly stair rails in Gaudí’s Casa Batlló, Passeig de Gràcia which was built in 1877 as is said to have no straight lines on its exterior and indeed its interior either.

up on the roof (mrscarmichael0
up on the roof (mrscarmichael)
stairs to nowhere (mrscarmichael)
stairs to nowhere (mrscarmichael)

These attic stairs were roped off but I had to take a peek to see where such Lilliputian steps led.

I would have to drink Alice's potion to get into that cupboard (mrscarmichael)
I would have to drink Alice’s potion to get into that cupboard (mrscarmichael)

Heaven knows what was beyond that tiny door.

19 thoughts on “Travel Theme (Up)

  1. Stairs are extremely inspiring for thought, deep dripping thought.s.. I find myself running up and down looking for something that cannot always be found…; and when I do, invariably, it is on one side, abandoned… , full of dust… or I find it on the banister …there, stuck on a stain of muck..,; the shape of a memory… or a wondering well… a fatal dream… It could be anything! And my heart stops briefly, and my breath takes a different pace…Those pictures in my head!…GO AWAY! ( I do not want to see them again…).That is what they make me feel, all those torturous steps on a step case…Still, I love them, they provoke my aim, build my objectives, create a chain of colourful flowers and aromatic trees,, playful streams and soothing green fields, and I inhale the air they make…and I ,, at last, fell well….and FREE!

    Mrs Carmicharel, I know I am rubbish and mad! Still, these is the way a ‘see ‘them with my partially sight.

    Mayte J.R.P. (mis apellidos)
    Que te parece? 🙂

      1. My dear friend,

        I am very often flooded with feelings and thoughts, but the ‘code’ fails me: WORDS. I am trying to read more, to see if those words pop into my mind and carry the essence of my heart….Not easy, I find…All that fresh air! All those million colours! All those leaves, red, brown yellow and green! And, that fresh wind blowing my spirit in a happy song climbing up the white clouds, , cushions in the sky where I rest my busy mind….and put my dreams to sleep for a while…,.Some times I am a dream where the dreaming body does not exist…Some times, I wonder still and imagine me without my body…without my problems… without my guilt…So, I conclude that , I would be free! Free of pain, free of duty, free happiness -whatever it may be- free of everything: free of ME!

        To my dear friend Mrs Carlmichael.

        Mayte JRP xxxxxx

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