Well, It Is Award Season………..

Having watched the Baftas and heard reportage of the Grammys last night I have decided that it behoves me to prepare and publish my own acceptance speech.

Not having funds, where-with-all or appropriate ball gowns to travel in person to collect my trophies I intend to make one overarching acceptance oration, honour those who proposed and voted for me and pass the baton on quick smart – all with a humble mien.

I haven't got a sister so this is cool (mrscarmichael)
I haven’t got a sister so this is cool (mrscarmichael)

As an honorary member of this select sisterhood JB, the eponymous hero in The Adventures of Justin Beaver has seen fit to nominate me for The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. Perhaps it was just a burst of good old Kiwi Christmas ozone or possibly the fact that our national bird cannot fly and therefore not threaten to hole his favourite lederhosen but I’ll take it any which way and even loose. Thanks, Justin.

To comply with the rules, like the Grammys, I have to, whilst typing, wear an outfit that does not reveal décolletage or derriere. Check. I must link to my nominator. Check. Post pic of award. Check. Answer ten probing questions. These along with my responses follow shortly. And nominate 10 – 12 soon to be gleeful recipients.

But wait there’s more.

it's like a dollar bill only nicer (mrscarmichael)
it’s like a dollar bill only nicer (mrscarmichael)

ShopTwinkle a sister who not only shops with intent but writes about shopping, fashion and the occasional bargain has nominated me for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award and just this very snowy morning in London Town I opened my computer to find that DETERMINED34 has done the very same thing. Awesome! I’m in trifecta heaven.

Now Mrs Determined obviously has much more willpower than Yours Truly (visit her blog to see why) but we are agreed on the fact that it’s lovely to win awards.

There are similarities in the rules: Link back. Check, check. Display award. Displayed with pleasure. Tell the blogosphere seven things about me. About to. And nominate 15 people to, in their turn, receive the accolade.

I figure that by answering the ten Sisterhood questions you will know more that enough about mrscarmichael. Agreed? Then here we go.

1 what is your favourite colour? Orange but not burnt orange. I find the incendiarisation of any colour offensive.

what is your favourite animal? How could I say anything other than man’s best friend? He’s standing here right now judging my responses.

what is your favourite non-alcoholic drink? I didn’t know such a thing existed.

Facebook or twitter? Facebook but only because it’s an easy way to stay in touch with friends and fam across the seas. That said I would love you to follow my tweets.

that's me in the middle (Butterick/ebay site)
that’s me in the middle (Butterick/ebay site)

what is your favourite pattern? Butterick Girls Rockabilly Party/Day dress. I swear I had this one.

do you prefer getting or giving presents? Both.

what is your favourite number? 7, like most of the rest of the world. And it’s the seventh question as well. Karma.

what is your favourite day of the week? Nothing matches a Friday for promise.

what is your favourite flower? A perfect blousy pink peony.

10 what is your passion? It was all going so well. Reading (I once had to leave a Greek Island a day early because I’d run out of books) or winning an argument.

I am now going to bestow my awards. Men you are eligible for the VIB only. Ladies take one or both with my blessing.

One final rule for both. Those nominated must be informed in time for them to accessorise their acceptance outfits. I’m on to it right now.

25 thoughts on “Well, It Is Award Season………..

  1. Well done indeed and thank you very much for the nomination. I have part written another acceptance and will include this also:-)

  2. Dear Mrs Carmichael, I’m overwhelmed with honour and thankfulness about your thinking of me for this award! As usual I find myself being a hopeless case concerning such things – I cannot find the time or the strength to live up to it… I do hope you can forgive me!

    I will always feel proud and honoured of course!

  3. Gleefully thanking you for this. I may even answer the questions, as I like to add a little light heartedness from time to time. I’ll probably forget to mention the awards of course. I’ve got a mate who is a bafta judge, should really look up to see what got what as he always sends me a letter at christmas telling me about all the films I should really know about.

  4. have to, whilst typing, wear an outfit that does not reveal décolletage or derriere. Check. … Should also when giving acceptance speech, trip whilst going up the stairs (so social media can twitter about your state of ‘health’, lean too close to the microphone (giving the audience a jolt due to feedback), Exit right when everyone exits left from the stage ….. check? 🙂 D 34

  5. It is always such fun reading answers to questions like these and finding out more about blogging friends. Don’t you think orange gets picked on? You doh’t hear of people burning blue or green, do you?

  6. Yay ! Receiving an award is hard work ( albeit wonderfully pleasing!). It has taken me 3 days to compose my response to this. Thank you for thinking of me. Its the knickers, I know it and I am ok with that 🙂

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