Weekly Photo Challenge (Home)

Because I live 12,000 miles, give or take, from home I’m allowing myself to enter this collage of kiwi-land. Is my homing instinct rearing it’s coiffed head? Hmmmm.

looking mighty fine, Sir (mrscarmichael)
looking mighty fine, Sir (mrscarmichael)
the pohowtakawa says it's summer (mrscarmichael)
the pohoutakawa says it’s summer at home (mrscarmichael)
rugby crazed nation (mrscarmichael)
what about netball? (mrscarmichael)

I’m there in a month and I cannot wait!

30 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge (Home)

      1. It wasn’t too bad right here in the city, about 10 inches, but it is much worse in the suburbs and as you head north. Where my son is at school they got close to 3 feet!

    1. I’m in Auckland for 5 days, north Ak for a night, Taupo, Martinborough and then to my hometown, Wellington. Usually I do more but i have some real catching up to do. then it’s over the tassy to Melbourne for a VERY gin filled weekend with 3 girlfriends before I fly back to the Northern Hem again.

      1. Oh what fun. My daughter lives in Auckland and my son in North Auck…and a very old friend lives in Martinborough…I must say of all the cities…WELLINGTON is my favourite by far. So eclectic and so lively and fun. If you are driving down don’t forget to pause in little old Katikati for a coffee and rest…check out some of the new murals. I am ashamed to admit I have never been to Melbourne…but that sounds like a fun filled few days you have planned.

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