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Lasting Friendship: a Recipe

friendship recipe (pixaboy)


Four women of a certain age

Thirty years of history

One defunct computer company

Bouquet of Facebook

Large measure, sense of humour

One converted barn

One, small and very warm, Mini

One free weekend in August

Wine (add as required)

Desire to press -on -through (as much as necessary)



Take four women of a certain age who all, thirty years previously, worked in London for the same company.  

Having just arrived on the shore of Blighty, Mrs Carmichael reneged on her vow to never, never, never work in the computer industry again and joined a computer company that promised to pay her more than others she interviewed with and was, more importantly, based in the pulsing heart of London’s red light district – Soho and just behind Liberty of London (her favourite shop).

Here she met many sales colleagues who liked a laugh, a drink, another drink and a bit of commission. She also met a secretary, K……, a customer support rep, D…… and an in-house trainer, L…… They also liked a laugh, a drink, another drink and a good lunch and/or dinner out.

Infuse Facebook friendship with copious slugs of ‘liking’ each others’ life events.

K……, D……, L…… and yours truly all moved on to other companies, lives, marriages, more marriage (not speaking for myself here) and for some, yet more marriage. We all joined Facebook. We became ‘friends’ on Facebook. We admired the children and, dare I say, grandchildren? (not speaking for myself here  – that’s the beauty of birthing late). We congratulated new ventures and commiserated over sadnesses, illnesses, accidents and stupidities.

Allow to marinate for three or four years.

Three/fours years on Facebook easily equates to the 25/30 years that, in reality, most of us had not seen each other. K…… and I have holidayed together a soupçon of times (some of which you’ve devoured, dear reader, and enjoyed both Barcelona and Marrakech through our hazed/glazed eyes). The other thimbleful is for another time and another post. Or not!

Combine and bring to the boil.

One of us suggested a get-together. We all agreed. It wasn’t the first time suggested or the first time agreed but with the incorporation of time and aeration it seemed that this time, the venture might just have wings.

Transfer to converted barn.

converted barn (mrscarmichael)

L….., now a sales training mogul, invited us to her casa, just shy of Cambridge (but NOT in the Fens).

Sprinkle with a free weekend in August.

We scoured our diaries, calendars, and fading minds coming up with the weekend just gone. We were all free, willing and somewhat unnaturally keen.

Garnish with a liberal desire to press-on-through.

I do like a private Facebook group, don’t you? It gives me the opportunity to be secretive, top up photos as and when I choose and to keep any designated flock under control and ON TRACK. We called our group Soho Slummers. Don’t ask. In my back catalogue I found an evocative pic of K……in a Soho ‘shop’ sporting a long blonde wig. Just perfect for the cover photo.

Everything was going so well.

That is until, L…… had a pacemaker fitted, D……’s sciatica got no better but maybe a touch worse, K…… broke her right foot at work and I fell down a rabbit hole in Orford and nuked my left foot. That too, is another story. Suffice it to say I did not come out of the tumble as well as Lewis Carroll’s Alice but, thanks be to God, a helluva lot better than K…… #smallmercies.

Top up with more pressing-on-through and a side of black humour.

We agreed the adventure would continue as planned.

Add one small, bright blue manual, non-air-conditioned Mini. NOTE: this ingredient is optional. There are both trains and MUCH bigger, better, more comfortable cars but this is the original recipe and so, for veracity’s sake, I have included.

This is how three of the four (plus k……’s boot) come to be squashed, on one of the hottest weekends of the summer, in Mrs C’s dog walking Mini on our way to a GOOD TIME in Cambridgeshire (but not in the Fens). Yours Truly, the only one uninjured enough to contemplate doing the drive.

It was very hot (windows up), very noisy and windy (windows down) and very, very cramped. K….. (and her boot) were pressed into the passenger seat dashboard. D……, spreadeagled in the back had more room to move around but not much due to the amount of luggage women of a certain age pack for ONE night away.

A generous dash of UNOPENED wine.

Oh and the coupla dozen bottles of vino did not help the space or windows down/noise scenario either.

 Pour continuous glugs of vino verde (and a bit of aperol, prosecco and red wine for seasoning purposes).

We did not stop laughing. We laughed at the barn, at the pub, back at the barn, still at the barn, at another pub and …..back at the barn. We drank quite a bit as well. We surprised/shocked each other. We found a weekend mantra (didn’t we K…..?). We ate like queens and had a really, really good afternoon, evening and night.

The next morning L…..drove us to Cambridge to punt. Punt we did. We took good photos:

This is a good photo of Kings College (mrscarmichael)

and very bad photos:

not my breasts (mrscarmichael)

And boy, did we laugh.

We re-establised a friendship that is so much more precious now than in those heady days of our twenties.

Did I mention that our twenty four hours near Cambridge (but not the Fens) was filled with laughter? Well, dear reader, it was. And still, I can’t stop smiling.

We’ve agreed to do it again. I really hope we do.

Make a toast.

A toast to lasting friendship. Cheers, chin chin and bottoms up.


Dogs Do Know Best

does this guilt you as much as it does me? (provenance unknown)
does this guilt you as much as it does me? (provenance unknown)

Someone posted this on my Facebook page a week or so ago and it spoke to me. Well woofed at me anyway. Firstly it looks like my Goldie. It obviously isn’t and probably isn’t even a Golden Retriever but it has the same eyes and those eyes do speak, let me tell you. My one remaining dog, F…….’s were begging to be taken out for a walk in the rain, Daddy Does the Dog Day and crying guilt by proxy as Chairman of the Four Footed Bertie Admiration Society in all of his older brother’s canine capers in Making ‘Naughty Dog’ a Life’s Work. Bertie was after all the Just William of the dog world*.

But think about. It’s so true. They not only adore us but think we are perfection. We are in their big brown eyes sugar coated Jumbones, Gourmet liver and tripe and doggy choccy drops all smoothed into one. We are the cow pats, fox scat and/or horse manure they love to roll in/eat and the only security they know. They don’t compare salaries, suck up to the boss or bitch behind each others backs. They don’t throw tantrums but watch while we throw ours. Then lick us. They just eat the food we give them. And love us for it.

We can be kind or horrid and I, for one, don’t think they judge. They are creatures of habit and their habit is to be happy. For the most part. If we let them.

Where am I going with this you ask. And honestly I’m not exactly sure but this week while being bombarded with the utter horror that mankind is capable of I sort of think dogs have it right. We most certainly do not.

Here’s another image a friend emailed me yesterday.

a dog doing what dogs do best (provenance unknown)
a dog doing what dogs do best (provenance unknown)

Again, the doppleganger of my one remaining dog. They are identical. This is the dentist’s goldie and he calms worried and frightened patients. What’s a few dog hairs when you can have your own near dolphin bonding experience at the dentist?

And finally an angeleno friend posted this on my facebook wall. It’s a doggy themed Monday. But if it doesn’t prove my point nothing will. This is Watson, a Sharpei and I think he’s awesome.


JuBurrett is the owner of the video you’ve just watched.

My boy, F……. has just come in to tell me it’s five o’clock and because I want to be the person he thinks I am I gotta run.

“Coming, Boy. Dinner’s almost in the bowl.”

this is not a flagrant attempt to get my christmas tree into yet another photo, M'lud. it's where he chose to wait (mrscarmichael)
this is not a flagrant attempt to get my christmas tree into yet another photo, M’lud. it’s where he chose to skulk (mrscarmichael)

* all rights to the ‘monica’ Just William belong to my friend T……. who accompanied us on many walk and is therefore in a position to know.

Are we in agreement? They, just possibly, do know best. Let’s give them a chance to put things right. It seems to be too hard for us.