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In Which I Must Sign Off From a Life of Crime; Experience Highs and Lows of a Uni Dance Competition Whilst Sitting in a Deep Pool of Black Coffee; Come Home to Find the Boiler Broken and Leave for New Zealand

WordPress tells us bloggers that one of the worst crimes is to disappear without notice – to blog erratically so here, dear followers and readers is my au revoir of sorts.

I have been in a mid state of panic for a week or so now (since meeting Gertie, my 89 year old second cousin and new best friend if we look at telephone hours she is now racking up in phoning me each night) because of all the things I must complete pre departure for the Antipodes.

I began with Daughter #2’s uni grant application which was languishing on the sideboard unsigned. I forged her signature, found a stamp and posted the application. Pushing the envelope through the postbox I was blinded by a vision of the signature. I’d signed the wrong daughter. Oh my. Will they notice? I pray not. I’m going away. I can’t fix it.

This weekend just gone I’ve had no time to do things because I’ve been in an enormous gym in Loughborough watching 500 girls and nine boys dance. Daughter #2 runs her uni dance squad this year so has choreographed the routines and feels very responsible for the outcome. She is sometimes prone to tears. I’m not but when at 11.10 on Saturday morning I tipped 3/4 of a Starbucks sized black coffee down my front, soaking my cardigan, white shirt and pooling in my lap  and by lap I mean stretching to my knees (front and back) it was me who cried. After I disrupted a dance routine by screaming. My capsule wardrobe was tightened beyond endurance for the next two days.

Daughter #2 cried later when they won nothing on the first day. Me, exhausted, very!

Day two dawned with sorry faces BUT they danced their metaphorical socks off and got a third place trophy. Me (and them) thrilled, muchly.

Then Mr Carmichael rang to tell me the boiler’s broken. “But it’s all under control.”

Why is the house so cold then?

Today I’m primping. All day. Which in itself is exhausting. And expensive.

And then I fly!!!!!!!

I am going to try and post, try and enter the photo themes and challenges. You know where the pics will be of 🙂

Bear with me.

Normal service will resume in three weeks.