There’s Something About Lanzarote

And it’s not just the price of wine. Although it behoves me to say that, having drunk twice my bodyweight of white, red, rosé and a wee slurp of Hendricks for good measure (the quinine in the accompanying Schweppes tonic protected me against mozzie bites, M’Lud) the price of wine in Lanzarote is very, very acceptable. As is the wine. And the gin.

oh go on then (mrscarmichael)
oh go on then (mrscarmichael)

Ooh and the honey flavoured stickies that I, just for a moment, forgot about.

even nicer in a balloon glass with loads of ice (mrscarmichael)
even nicer in a balloon glass with loads of ice (mrscarmichael)

No, it’s not about the alcohol.

It’s about the weather. It’s about the warmth, the sunshine, the sea, the sand.

sun, sea, sand…..where's the sangria? (mrscarmichael)
sun, sea, sand…..where’s the sangria? (mrscarmichael)

And it’s something is about the landscape. Oh my, the landscape! Lanzarote’s landscape is amazing.

The something is also about César Manrique. What a man. What an architect. My hero.

There’s something about an island that in its entirety is is a world heritage site and biosphere reserve. Maybe it’s the 300 volcanoes that do it. Or the fossilised lava flows, into which houses are built. Maybe it’s the historic towns of Teguise and Haría, pure in white, green shutters, with crosses, from another world or at least another time.

cruz street (mrscarmichael)
cruz street (mrscarmichael)

Lanzarote, a Canary Island just off the coast of Africa and only three and a half hour’s flight away from Casa Carmichael, sometimes gets a bad, ‘kiss-me-quick’ rap and I’m sure, if we’d looked harder mis amigas y yo might have found the grotty in Lanzarote but we didn’t and therefore we didn’t. We got what we, the tapas lunching ladies, deserved on our week long, anti SAD, winter break away.

That isn’t to say it was all plain sailing. When is it ever for Mrs Carmichael?

Part Dos to follow.


22 thoughts on “There’s Something About Lanzarote

  1. So far, more than so good. Better than good!
    What a gorgeous surreal kind of place. I’d never heard of it, not that that proves much. As for the attractive price of wine — it’s more than made up for by the price of those enormous chunks of ice cooling your drink. Oh, you haven’t got the bill for them yet??????

    1. Ha! I think they were included with the cucumber. The Canaries are Spanish Islands off the coast of Africa below Morocco. Rather nice for winter sunshine if I do say so myself.

  2. “but we didn’t and therefore we didn’t.” No need looking for the bad amid all that good. Sounds like a fantastic little place of vaca.

  3. There is nothing like ecological Spanish wine with goats cheese from Fuerteventura and potatoes from Lanzarote. The goat cheese should be in a hot pan with honey and the potatoes with butter and/or the famous mojo.

  4. I have heard that Lanzarote is not as grotty as it used to be, or at least there are areas where you can escape the overweight sunburnt, fish and chip eating, lager swilling ex-pats. So where did you go? I love that gallery – cool villa – is that where you stayed? [mind boggles] but my fav photo is the fabulous turquoise door with the decayed wall and cross with shadow. Perfection Mrs C. Just grand 😀

    1. honestly, there must be a few resorts that are pretty bad but – no need to go anywhere near them and the rest is just so cool. That, Jude was one door/one cross of many inTeguise.
      There is so much to see/do for a week’s holiday and out of school holiday flights so reasonable as are hire cars. The roads are superb (nary a pothole) and the local vino blanco -delish.
      We stayed in Playa Blanca on the south coast facing Fuertaventura which you can ferry across to for a day trip.
      No, wish I had stayed there – Manrique’s house – fabby – built into lava flows.
      Our villa – hmmmm pros and cons but good location and great view of Montana Roja.

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