And Today is Yoga Day

channelling the peaceful (community
channelling the peaceful (community

This afternoon I am attending my first ever yoga session. It is an hour and a half long. I am very nervous.

I am nervous because I do not think I am going to be good at yoga. I am not going to be good a yoga because:

I am utterly inflexible (bodywise). I cannot touch my toes or even straighten my legs properly. On a day to day basis, these defects have not hindered my pursuit of the good life but in a yoga class I predict that they just might.

ooh, arrh Mrs (
oooh, arrh Mrs (

I will not be able to do any of these positions…….or anything resembling them. Not this afternoon. Not, I fear, ever.

Where is her head in image 5 btw?

I should look at this as aspirational but as a woman with her two feet on terra firma at all times except bed-time, Mrs Carmichael finds the prospect ever so slightly daunting.

easy peasy (
easy peasy (


I should be able to manage this.




And this.

no sweat (
no sweat (







Will that be good enough? I doubt it. Not for an hour and a half. An hour and a half! What have I signed up to?

I am not going to be good a yoga because:

When I can’t do something I tend to become the class clown. I don’t want to be the 2.30pm yoga class clown but bearing in mind that it took me a second to find photo #2 and a good ten to find #s 3 and 4 amongst the contortionists purporting to be in yoga positions on google, I think there’s a high likelihood that I will be sporting a curly wig, pancake makeup and huge shoes by 4.00 o’clock. Oh, woe is me.

I am not going to be good a yoga because:

I don’t have the correct clothing. I don’t even know what the correct clothing is. Am I going to be the odd one out before the class has even started and my utter inability to do anything yogaish is noticed by teacher and classmates alike? Perhaps I should drop out of this afternoon’s class and head straight to Sweaty Betty for a Carmichael sports couture infusion.

Or perhaps I should just stay home and watch House of Cards on Netflix instead.






27 thoughts on “And Today is Yoga Day

    1. Firstly I was one of the youngest!!!!!!!, Secondly, others were inflexible, Thirdly I did not look in the mirror (AT ALL) and fourth, I almost went to sleep in the deep relaxation – it’s all good!!!!

  1. I used to go to a yoga class – the best bit was at the end when we lay flat on the floor and the teacher would tuck a blanket around us so we could relax. That was the one and only yoga position I could do properly… Can’t wait to hear how you got on Mrs C. xx

  2. Oh you’ll have a hoot, I do Bikram Yoga, the hot & sweaty one. I had all the same fears as you at first, but you’ll quickly realise that no-one has any time at all to focus on anything but themselves. My fave pose is the one where you lay flat on your back for 2 minutes willing life to remain a thing. Hope you enjoy or enjoyed, looking forward to the follow up post.

  3. I knew you’d like it! Kelly keeps telling me it’s called yoga practice, not yoga perfect. You only need go as far as you want to go. And it’s only partly about exercise; the other part is awareness of your breathing and yourself. And kindness. Don’t forget the all powerful kindness. As you progress and learn to be kind to yourself, my cynical friend, you’ll find ways to be kind to others. And I don’t mean that in a dopey way, not blind universal kindness, but a genuine desire to be kind, especially to people you like. You can ignore the others. 😉

  4. I’m pleased to read in the comments that it wasn’t as bad as you thought. I find at the gym I’m so busy concentrating on what I’m doing that I wouldn’t have a clue what everyone else is doing. I’m looking forward to the next instalment.

  5. How was your class? I don’t love yoga, but I like the discipline, and I’ve finally found a teacher that I like working with. I go back and forth about how much I want to get involved in it.

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