Spreading the Christmas Love

So tonight, my darlings, S….. (a Kiwi buddy) and I are off to see L’elisir d’amore at Covent Garden’s finest, the Royal Opera House, no less. I have not seen this particular alcohol induced love triangle before and am anticipating twists, turns, tangles and much quaffing of the red wine elixir.

the elixir of love (ROH website)
the elixir of love (ROH website)

I can’t wait and am going to spend many of the intervening hours debating (with myself) whether I drive in comfort and stump up for congestion charging and extortionate parking or brave (relatively) low cost public transport and get sore feet. Hmmm. If I had the egg -shell blue Vespa above and the clement weather no argument would be needed but I do not and so I must go on fighting. At least until I put on my high heeled boots and grab the car keys from the dog’s bed.

Last month I took a pic from our seats in the stalls of the glorious Opera House. Here it is:

not sitting here tonight (mrscarmichael)
not sitting here tonight (mrscarmichael)

S…… and I will be seated just out of shot and ever so slightly upwards. No, up and back a bit more. Bit more, bit more. Ok, I have my crampons. I have my opera glasses. Good seats at the ROH, I’ll have you know, cost a gazzilion spondoolies and Donnizetti may just not do it for us. Bryn Terfel will though. Of that we can be sure.

It’s all good. So good, in fact already I have popped the tickets in my handbag. S….. will be especially pleased to hear this news. Her last invitation resulted in disaster and the non-seeing of Sadler’s Wells, Great Gatsby, heralded by all (bar S…… and myself) as a triumph:

In Which Mrs Carmichael Looses the Plot and Needs to Take Time Out For a Jolly Good Cry

And for that I am truly sorry. Tonight is going to be worlds’ better. It’s Christmas, I have the tickets, a table for two is reserved in my name at an Italian restaurant (see how I’m running with the theme here) in Bow Street for 6.00pm, my black jeans are in the dryer now and the ‘weather bomb’ predicted to grace our shores today is, as yet, happily making sixty foot waves out west, Atlantic way.

What can possibly go wrong?


18 thoughts on “Spreading the Christmas Love

  1. May the ghosts of all Christmas festivities past and present unite to give you a most splendid and enjoyable evening, Mrs C! Can’t wait to hear all about it – and good luck in the traffic.

    1. yes, need to put finger to keyboard way more often I know. Refused your advice and drove, vestless cleavage bared. Trip in pretty good. Trip home – fan dabby doo dah. Ain’t that the payback?

  2. I was just thinking the other day about how quiet you’ve been lately mrs c…welcome back. It sounds by the comments that your adventure went well, despite being seated in the nosebleed section. Now you’re back, please keep writing!

  3. A brash final question there, but obviously the gods were smiling. At least the traffic gods were smiling.
    That’s what we love, though, the bold Mrs Carmichael is back in the saddle again. You have been missed!

    1. Gods smiled on us not so the leads who had colds. I think the ROH director had had a bit of a ‘mare’ that day but it was all good and Bryn Terfel performed like a trooper as always.
      I do love a successful night out.

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