Aldeburgh Calling

seaside heaven (
seaside heaven (

When I am old, I shall live in Aldeburgh. I shall paint my house red or purple or red and purple and invite my, equally old, friends to stay. I shall play tennis.

£2.50 per court (mrscarmichael)
£2.50 per court (mrscarmichael)

Poorly. But with vigour born of ozone overload.

and breathe (mrscarmichael)
and breathe (mrscarmichael)

I shall play bowls and wear white, or off-white, whilst doing so.

Aldeburgh Bowls (mrscarmichael)
Aldeburgh Bowls (mrscarmichael)

I shall drink gin and tonic to celebrate my winning and if winning goes to my head I shall take up golf. Just down the road.

club house (Aldeburgh Golf Club website)
“four” (Aldeburgh Golf Club website)

Each morning I shall fast pace it to Thorpness. And back.

daily constitutional (mrscarmichael)
daily constitutional with Lyle (mrscarmichael)

Accompanied by a Bardotesque menagerie of Cockapoo pups. I shall eat fish and chips and seafood pizza

caught earlier (mrscarmichael)
caught earlier (mrscarmichael)

and purchase my own fish from the local fishermen.

blackboard menu of freshness (mrscarmichael)
blackboard menu of smokiness (mrscarmichael)
local fisherman's boat (mrscarmichael)
local fisherman’s boat (mrscarmichael)

I shall apply for an allotment overlooking the marshes

lush (mrscarmichael)
lush (mrscarmichael)

and grow sweet-peas to beautify my already beautiful home. And vegetables. I shall indulge in a spot of artistry.

And if, at any time, I crave masculine attention I shall swim by the Southwold Pier and catch a lifeguard’s eye. “Save me,” I shall cry to the young blood in the lookout and I will not be drowned.

over here,  boys (mrscarmichael)
over here, boys (mrscarmichael)

Perhaps, just perhaps, as Jenny says, to stop shock, surprise or confusion in those who know me, I should start the engine. Right now. First gear engaged. Aldeburgh is calling to my young(ish) heart.

*Inspired by Jenny Joseph’s ‘Warning, When I am Old’, Elliot’s ‘J. Alfred Prufrock’ and ‘Peter Grimes’ by Benjamin Britten.


29 thoughts on “Aldeburgh Calling

  1. ‘ti human voices wake us and we drown’ – oh forget the young Eliot’s cynicism, put your dreams in place with the first pebble. Though my heart belongs to Woodbridge, I loved every shot of your Aldeburgh escapades

  2. Will Mr. C become a local fisherman?
    Will Lyle become a life saver dog?
    I see you in your purple bikini with the red trim, oh, and a grand sight it is.
    Go for it, Jenny!

    1. Mr C is in disgrace at present after failing to pick up a daughter’s 21st present on his way to Barcelona this morning – for whom the bell tolls……

      Lyle is also in disgrace for never coming back on walks anymore and general naughtiness.

      And yes, I fancy myself in a purple bikini with red trim whatever the weather #madwomanofaldebourgh.

  3. Had a significant birthday Mrs C? You sound quite melancholy. Lyle looks lovely 🙂 and so does Aldeburgh and Southwold, but the house prices along there are eye-wateringly expensive!! Hope Mr C has plenty in the coffers…
    Jude xx

    1. Hey Jude, no nothing significant. Just took the pooch to the seaside. And not at all melancholy but embracing the easy lifestyle up that a ways. Everything on one’s doorstep.
      Mr C has been most Mr C today so it it lucky he is now in Barcelona sans the 21st present for daughter #2 he was supposed to collect in duty free this morning.
      I sit with my rosé, watching Wimbers and contemplate a single life by the sea.

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