Weekly Photo Challenge (Treasure)

Every, every morning I treasure my coffee time. The process includes grinding Columbian beans, brewing the liquid gold in my Bialetti and sipping two or three cups, black, from a Lucie Rie masterpiece.

behold treasure, my pretties (mrscarmichael)
behold treasure, my pretties (mrscarmichael)

*The dark Lindt chilli chocolate is obviously treasured but not an every day indulgence.

**Coffee, cup, beans and cocoa posing on my marble topped Saarinen table – perfection.

51 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge (Treasure)

      1. Was it made by a daughter of yours? My compliments. I really like the shape of the cup and the proportions.

      2. Oh no, Lucie Rie was a famous potter who lived most of her life in England. You can google her beautiful and delicate work.
        My mother collected her in NZ and keeping that collection is one of the most sensible things I have done.

        my most read post is about her – I think It’s called ‘The Lucie Rie’ and is filed under mrscarmichael’s creative twin/cousin??? What did I call it? – there are more photos in the post.

  1. Thank you, now I see you mentioned Lucie Rie above the photo… of course I will read your post about her. Interesting, I’m sure.

  2. A high-class treasure indeed! All that elegance at breakfast —
    I don’t know if I could live up to it!!!!
    But then again, Mrs. Carmichael — as we’ve all come to know — is herself a class act. I keep hoping it’ll rub off on me —-
    (tee hee)

  3. The photo evokes the subtle textural juxtapositions conveyed through the lens. (Wow, my brain fog has lifted for a scant moment, odd!) Very tactile, and all around sensory, Love it. Thought of you today, Mrs. C, whilst reading the newspaper. In the classifieds under the “Want to Buy” category was this ad: “WANTED FULL SIZE MANNEQUIN, male/female, reasonable.”

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