Weekly Photo Challenge (Selfie)

Well, this is a difficult one for me as I’m positioned by others and never with a self serving camera. Yet. So I’m taking the liberty of posting a daughter’s selfie and allowing myself to do this because she took it on my camera.

happiness is a new dressing gown (mrscarmichael's daughter)
happiness is a new dressing gown (mrscarmichael’s daughter)

Please don’t tell her I’ve posted this.

41 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge (Selfie)

  1. Mrs C, very ingenious way out of posting your own selfie, could it just be a teensy bit like cheating??? Btw, daughter is certainly most photogenic, and I promise not to tell…..

    1. Hehehe. I’m an opportunist, Sue and there it was sitting on my camera (as if I’d taken it).
      If I could I would pass the compliment but I can’t cos she’d kill me.

  2. Beautiful girl child. You had me going there for a minute…I saw the photo before reading and thought “boy, that Mrs. C. is way younger than I thought”. You are very clever!

  3. I promise not to tell Mrs C, but may I say she looks just like her Mom? Though a bit more natural. A bobby dazzler as my old dad would have said 🙂

    If I looked more like that I might be into selfies too!

  4. I read your text before looking at the picture and wondered, “Well, now, how is Mrs C going to handle this one?” Cleverly, as always.

  5. She’s an absolute beauty Mrs C. Can’t blame her for the selfie, if I looked like that I’d be taking selfies more often myself! Well-chosen for,the challenge!

  6. Ok, I think you just about get away with that shameless cheating Mrs C. But only because your daughter is pretty darn gorgeous! See how beauty distracts us from the task in hand?

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