Weekly Photo Challenge (Juxtaposition)

Just because I’ll be right in a window position this Thursday eve – having drinkies with friends. Half way up the new, looking down on the old. Should be a goody.

side by side (mrscarmichael)
side by side (mrscarmichael)

Cheers y’all.


32 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge (Juxtaposition)

  1. That is one amazing shot!! It makes the Shard look like an alien space ship, like Independence Day….mmmmm, little bit scary? Funny, as I was reading in the Guardian today that it is largely unoccupied, but then some of the apartments are £30 million each…..

    1. it sorta is an alien isn’t it? Blocking St Paul’s sight lines and, as you say, very empty. Apparently the shape makes for very odd offices.
      The apartment prices are just stoopid.

      1. I do Nancy and don’t get me wrong. I love modern architecture. in a nod to honesty I like it a little more now I got these shots (shhh).

        in a way I think the Shard does a disservice to the word ‘folly’

  2. Good shot Mrs C. (I’m with Jude on not being too sure about these tall buildings dominating the old stuff.) great minds and all that, I am about to post on much the same lines….

  3. What a cool shot! You’ve got to love London, it’s an amazing city for plonking the futuristically new alongside the decidedly old-fashioned. Hope you had a nice drink, too.

    1. I do love London and would love (I think) to live back in there again. I take vicarious pleasure from my daughter’s flat – the proximity to EVERYTHING, the noise, the real.

      She’s near here and last Sunday, driving home after dropping her and her Ikea purchases off I got another wonderful view of the Shard.

      1. I finally got to see the Shard last week, from the air, coming in to land at Heathrow. We did an amazing circle around central London. And 9 days later, Rich is still kicking himself for not having his camera to hand!

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