All Good Things

All good things come, as we know, to those who wait.

I am not a patient person. Friends, extended fam and clan will vouch for that. But I am used to waiting. Mostly for daughters, truth be told. The last cough, cough twenty plus years a blur of running feet, breakfast grabbing, and shouting upstairs for the missing daughter (yes you, you know who you are).

I have sat for hours in cars various, dance studios various and swimming pools most various, freezing or sweltering depending on venue. Oh and school halls, corridors and car parks. Let’s not forget the marking of time for education’s sake.

A mother’s lot?

I have made many friends, waiting.

More than a year ago I wrote about what I wanted for Christmas. Using being mrscarmichael as my ‘weapon’ of choice I begged, pleaded and cajoled my nearest and dearest for an art work close to my heart. With kindness in said heart I provided choice.

My N and D chose to give me other things. That were lovely. I am not penning this with complaint in mind.

This year a good thing has come in the guise of Shim Sham Shimmy. Here she is:

not me but it could be (Eileen Cooper website)
me on a good day (Eileen Cooper website)

I waited, I received. She’s at the framers.

The waiting room wish list: Dear Santa


23 thoughts on “All Good Things

    1. She is isn’t she? Very pleased with that but a bit sick of Christmas related things/events now. grumph. Everyone retreats into their homes for good reason – dark, rain, snow but I get bored and then eat too much chocolate.

  1. A v. interesting present indeed. Always good to get one thing you really want 🙂
    I’m not sure why we have to wait until Christmas for the family to get together, swap presents etc. I have told my lot that we need to meet up in midsummer when the roads aren’t treacherous with ice and snow, the days are longer and we can have a braai outside! And I’m going to look into cruises at Christmas…
    Jude xx

    1. I’m being inundated with summer/beach pics for the land of the long white cloud where the 25th dressed in florals and a golden crown.
      Most of my friends are in your homeland right now having, I’m sure, braai after bbq.
      Where would you cruise? The Caribbean?

      1. I quite fancy going north, but I guess the Caribbean would be warmer. Not sure I’d really like cruising though – it would have to be a small ship.

      2. I quite fancy going north, but I guess the Caribbean would be warmer. Not sure I’d really like cruising though – it would have to be a small ship.

      3. Jude I’m feeling cruising isn’t for you and small ships don’t come cheap! I’ve never fancied it – too much emphasis on food and dressing up.
        I would like a hop round Greece and/or Turkey on a gullet but NOT at Xmas!

      4. Food I like, but not the excessive amount you get fed on a cruise ship (I did actually take passage on one from India to South Africa eons ago) and dressing up is not in my vocabulary so reluctantly I have to agree with you. Greek islands would be good though. Nah! Next year it has to be ‘downunder’

  2. Curious minds want to know Mrs SSS. One of your lovely daughters depicted you in this fashion and if so. I want to know if this is an accurate depiction of your daily attire not to mention exhilarating movement…..not to mention NO tummy ? OR is this a tribute to freedom of women which I like very much ?

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