Weekly Photo Challenge (One)

This one beautiful orange Vespa was parked by itself in a Soho street outside The Sun and Thirteen Cantons, a pub I spent many many hours in back in the day.

My first job in the UK was in the building next door.

orange solo (mrscarmichael)
orange solo (mrscarmichael)

I took this pic the other day, retracing steps with my girlfriend, K…….

29 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge (One)

      1. Have been on the back of one as a once boyfriend called ‘Smiggy’ (of all things) had a silver machine waaay back in the late 1960s. He even came with furry edged parka (Smiggy that is) and we used to meet for milkshakes in a Wimpy Bar. I had to cling on for dear life going round bends – maybe that was the whole point 😀

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