Out and About in London Town

fitting right in (ITV)
if the cap fits (ITV)

Back in October I got tickets for the recording of a TV show (Loose Women) in ITV’s studios on the Southbank and invited my friend, Gracie to accompany me. It was a bit of an adventure, a day out, a moment among the famous and apart from the tube fare, lunch and a tipple absolutely free.

It was quite fun too. We got to see the very good looking, well groomed and suavely dressed Lawson perform Juliet and managed to tolerate a very, very loose Janet Street-Porter cuss and opine.

We, Gracie and I, decided that a day out was a good thing and good things bear repeating. On a monthly basis from here on out.

We will take turns and the only rule: the destination/event/activity must be free.

yes please (mrscarmichael)
yes please (mrscarmichael)

Gracie took me to a pop art exhibition at the Barbican. I like the Barbican and don’t go there enough. I like the Brutalist architecture, the restaurants and the cultural offerings contained within its concrete walls.

The pop art was not much cop on the ground floor but got rather good upstairs. I can’t show you because photography was verboten.

The level of goodness gave us a head rush. We needed food and beverage to withstand the cultural onslaught.

I had the basil (mrscarmichael)
I had the basil (mrscarmichael)

The only downside to this day. Entry was not free. It was £12.00 a head.

In this dog eat Pedigree Chum world of Boris Johnson’s Mensa elite, South Korean school children putting in thirteen hour days and unpaid internships (don’t get me started) I feel the need to inject a competitive edge into the monthly outings.

And view this as a 1:nil to Mrs Carmichael. Soon to be 2:nil.

Tomorrow it’s my turn again and we head to Regent Street and Liberty, the wackiest department store in the whole god damn wide world.

christmas ready (detalliare.com)
christmas ready (detalliare.com)

Yes, of course it’s free. Isn’t that the only rule of the game?

So now, beloved followers I need your help. I want to win. Thinking caps on then, creative minds engaged.

More ideas please. In and around London or indeed further afield.

Fulsome credit will be awarded to all challenges accepted.

Just one more thing. Can we keep this our little secret? Sssssh, lips sealed.

33 thoughts on “Out and About in London Town

  1. Love this! But wait, since the whole thing was prompted by the tickets/show you took her to, don’t you win automatically? 😀

    I don’t know a damned thing about London…I have to assume some of it will be like NY. Find a fabulous street performer? Take advantage of federally funded museum’s ticket prices actually being “suggested donations?” Hmmm, I have to think.

    1. There are loads of great and quirky museums. The Saatchi on the Kings Rd Chelsea is always a goody.

      No this will stretch for months – we have been hiding a tea caddy in each others houses for about 5 years.

      She well be having a full bag/body search when she gets here in the morn 🙂

      1. It is so much fun and rather scary – I must do a post. I know she’s got them at the moment because She tried to smuggle them into a flight neck support thingy I’d lent her put i remembered to do a pat search. Go me.

  2. Can’t help you here Mrs C as I know zilch about London – but have you been watching the series on C4 (Mon) about Liberty? I do remember visiting the store way back in 1979 – what a great building.

    1. I used to work in Soho (hahaha how does that sound?) when I first came to London so lived in there but it’s just dropped off the radar. I do so hope I bang into rayson Perry whilst there 🙂

      1. Things that are utterly unnecessary to have – LIST £16.00 soap, £16.00 holder for soap, £36.00 candle, £40.00 African inspired bathroom bag (oh my Lord I should take that back), £32.00 photo frame (cf IKEA £3.50 and they look the same).
        Fripperies (mrscdictionary online)

  3. Have you been to the exhibition section of the British Library? They have the most amazing collection of first editions, handwritten manuscripts, illuminated texts and other wondrous things. You would be on a winner with this for sure, because you would appear to be very intellectual. There is also a nice café there.

  4. OOHHHH this is fun! I LOVE FREE ❤

    Can't help out with places to visit in London …. but if "further afield" includes southern Spain, I'm your gal! 😉

  5. I gave my son for his birthday a book on Secret London, with all sorts of weird and wonderful places to visit for free. If I can get it off him, I’ll have a look and see if there’s anything up your alley.

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