Weekly Photo Challenge (Unexpected)

Earlier this year I spent a goodly number of my Saturday mornings awaiting Daughter #1’s arrival at Heathrow’s Terminal 5, the British Airways hub.

Over the months the advertisements changed, some plain dull, some rather good, some wonderful.

This Burberry offering is my favourite not least because orange is my favourite colour but because Romeo Beckham just looks so cute and happy.

I took many photos attempting to get one without passing pedestrians.

The unexpected is that I love this one because of the intruder. A BA pilot no less.

Romeo Beckham, Burberry and random pilot.
Romeo Beckham, Burberry and random pilot.

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21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge (Unexpected)

  1. I love the random pilot – it really makes the photo with him actually looking at the advert! Do boys this age REALLY wear Burberry? Can’t see my grandson (11) dressed like this!

  2. I don’t do the weekly photo challenge often but was reading your mother saga in Rome (loved the Spanish Steps shot) and sort of slipped sideways into this one. It’s not every day you find Romeo Beckham in a post. What else could I do but read on? 🙂

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