Suggestion Stupidity

It is no secret that I enjoy a wee glass or two of wine and the end of the day. Not every day but most days it must be said.

My go to wine is a New Zealand sauvignon blanc but there are others, many others that I enjoy. Chardonnay the exception to this rule. Sorry guys things that smell like petrol often taste like petrol. In my experience.

Editor’s note: Knowing Mrs Carmichael as I do she will be happy to be proved wrong re the Chardy but this will be a marathon not a sprint.

My friend Gracie works within very similar parameters vis a vis wine preferences and consumption.

From time to time we discuss taking a break, not drinking Monday to Friday, drinking every second day, embarking on the 5:2 regime or giving up all together.

Editor’s note: Yeah right.

We know any one or a combination of the above would benefit our livers, our body mass indexes and our wallets.

Gracie, who has been on a prolonged, intense and it must be said successful diet for her up-coming trip to South Africa, was counting wine calories and considering the minutiae of fluid carb content.

Recently, and over an early evening glass of Marlborough Ned, Gracie mentioned our musings to her daughter, A…….

Editors note: Gracie and Mrs C have many daughters between them. Said daughters are, without exception, full of and vociferous with suggestions re self improvement regimes for their particular mother.

"try gin" (
alternate therapy (

A…….’s suggestion therefore surprised Gracie.

“But I don’t like gin, ” she replied.

“I didn’t say GIN,” A……. retorted. I SAID “try the gym!”

How mi amiga and I guffawed over a Wither Hills the following evening.

“Anyway, gin’s got calories,” I reminded her when we managed to stop laughing.

Arrrgh - (
Arrrgh – (

On Tuesday I saw Woody’s latest, Blue Jasmine with my friend K……. at a wonderful art house theatre, the Rex, in Berkhamstead. It’s one of those lovely theatres that not only show great movies but allow you to sit in style. Upstairs there are armchairs and down, tables, swivel seating and a bar! It’s glorious.

not country appropriate in this instance (
not country appropriate in this instance (

Daughter #1 had not only recommended the movie to me but once she knew I had taken her advice and booked it offered a further generous suggestion.

“Schnnaps??” I asked, “Why schnapps? Surely it’s not set in the Nordics.”

“I said snacks,” my eldest responded post haste. “Take some snacks.”

Whether she meant a healthy nibble because we were attending a matinee or a more typical carb and sugar laden alternative I am not certain. What I do know is that we got no further with the conversation due to the high decibel raucousity occurring in our kitchen. That got even louder when I relayed the gin/gym tale to her.

nice but where's the wine? (
nice but where’s the wine? (

Editor’s note: Snacks and wine (but possibly not Schnnaps) are available at the Rex and can be topped up during the movie.

Hearing tested?Β I beg your pardon.


33 thoughts on “Suggestion Stupidity

  1. Funny you have written this today Mrs.M . I have sworn off wine due solely to caloric intake at the end of the day. 11/7 until 12/7 for a very specific reason.
    Crankiness index alert or maybe excessive blogging anticipated.

    BTW..A nice oaky Chardonnay RULES πŸ™‚ ~

  2. Oh Mrs C you and Gracie sound like me and my OH

    //From time to time we discuss taking a break, not drinking Monday to Friday, drinking every second day, embarking on the 5:2 regime or giving up all together.//

    It never lasts very long πŸ˜€

    (How was the movie btw?)

  3. Well done, Mrs C, I’m ABC too, unless it’s top notch Chard in the form of Puligny or Chassagne Montrachet that someone is generous enough to offer me!!! πŸ™‚

      1. Hohoho, good luck…yo want someone knowledgable to give you either of those wines from a good producer, in a good year, there are plenty of ropes examples around, and no, I don’t get to drink these wines very often at all (do I hear a mournful violin in the background?)…

  4. Oh how I love your posts, they give me such a giggle. And as I am now in Taiwan and English books a rare find (no, make that an impossible find here on my little island) a good read makes for a happy Jen. Hmm now the Chardy dispute… before my current stint in Penghu I was a tasting host for Oyster Bay wines and as you appear to be rather partial to a drop of NZ Sav, I’m sure you will know it well as do I, but it also appears that whilst I too am rather partial to a good drop, I do not share your sentiment re the Sav. I rather fancy a drop of ‘petrol’, yes, yes I know, you are probably thinking exactly what my Sav B loving friends always say, ‘…Chardy Jen, how could you..” but I am also partial to a good drop of Pinot Noir… πŸ™‚

    1. Yes I agree on Pinot Noir and have just discovered Malbac as well.
      Goodness what a dream job! What are you doing in Taiwan now? And hope you’re not being affected by the 200mph storm hitting the Philippines right now. Yes, I do know Taiwan is not that close but the waters must meet.
      I often fly Eva Air to Thailand – OMG what an airline! What food! what service! Its the only place I’ve had an air stewardess actually run over my foot with a trolly ON PURPOSE.
      ooh and thanks for kind comments.

      1. I’ve just taken on a teaching job here in Taiwan for 12 months.
        – Yes the perks were rather nice, I was allowed to take all the unused samples home.
        – As an ex air stewardess (Qantas for 20 years) i have seen my fair share of passengers who deserved more than having their foot run over. But Ive also seen my fair share of flight attendants who were foul-tempered and oh so NOT suited to the role, and would do despicable things to the unsuspecting passenger.
        And your doggie dilemma: from experience when my beloved Sausage died (I know, I know, stop laughing now) well she was a Dacshound, I acquired the lovely Stanley soon after and I’m glad I did. then Oscar arrived a few months ago, sadly I have had to leave them with my parents until my return…

      2. Yes, I am guilty! Minature Wire-haired Dachshunds: delightful little creatures… you should take a look online πŸ˜‰

      3. Stop it!

        The little girl I nearly got was (and indeed still is) a cockerpoo.

        I am oddly attracted to pugs and french bull dogs but did think fluffy balls of cuteness might appeal to house sitters

        Anyway, all irrelevant now!

  5. I don’t have daughters who offer advice about gin/gym, but I do have sons who are really into yoga, eating healthy, etc. They’re always trying to change my eating…(er…and drinking) habits, but they have very little success! It’s funny, methinks mrs. carmichael and her friend Gracie hear what they want to hear. I understand perfectly. πŸ™‚

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