Weekly Photo Challenge (The Hue of You)

When a wall changes to match my drink I know I’m a happy bunny.

Negroni, straight up (mrscarmichael)
Negroni, straight up (mrscarmichael)
Mojito pre trimmings (mrscarmichael)
Mojito pre trimmings (mrscarmichael)
voila et voila (mrscarmichael)
voilΓ  et voilΓ  (mrscarmichael)

And to leave you with a starburst of healthy fluids

100 percent oj (mrscarmichael)
100 percent oj (mrscarmichael)
applause (mrscarmichael)
applause (mrscarmichael)

Colour coded drink photos taken at the Wynn (Las Vegas), the Parker (Palm Springs) and Venice Beach.

They were all yummy.

53 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge (The Hue of You)

      1. Oh dear, not you too! I hope you get through your crisis moment. Yes, I want to escape but sadly cannot do it right now until I sort out my family situation. I do have a ticket to California from Jan 2-13!! I look forward to that! And next summer, who knows. Prague is beckoning…..

      2. So I’ve heard. I wanted to go last January, but while in Oman, I didn’t have any cold weather clothing, so I went to Nepal instead. Now Prague is beckoning again. πŸ™‚

  1. Those are really spectacular! I thought the top one was a bird floating on a lake with a sunset in the background, taken with some kind of fancy filter.

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