A (Not So Amusing) Wynn Amuse Bouche

Before we leave Vegas and head south, it behoves me to tell you about a slightly seedier side of the fertile land that is the Strip in general and the Wynn experience in particular.

Now, as you know, this was an important trip for the Carmichaels. A marriage milestone. And I for one had bought, categorically and without compunction, into this concept of craven celebration.

We chose the Wynn after much deliberation and further investigation proved the Tower at the Wynn an even better way to dash some anniversary cash. But at least here, at the special and rarified entrance, we were entitled to breakfast as part of the sleep over package.

Up-sold successfully at reception we headed straight to our room suite.

Oh yes! The images that follow may not be my choice of interior design but the lavish aspect, girth and give aways are hard to dislike for too long.

And it is true to say that we contemplated buying another suitcase to carry the glorious shampoos; conditioners; moisturisers; silver plated toothbrushes, loofas, back brushes; shaving creams; silver plated razors; hairsprays…..I could go on. Ooh and the dressing gowns too. Mmmmm.

Of course we didn’t. The Carmichaels are not freeloaders. No Sir, no Siree.

At least our breakfast was included and that was enough freeness for this mom and pop visiting the U.S of A.

Brian Gullbrants, Executive Vice President AND General Manager had even taken time out of his busy day to write to us. Wow!

Here’s some of his lovely letter:

Welcome to the Tower Suites at Wynn Las Vegas. We are delighted that you have chosen to stay with us.

Brian, we’re delighted too and thrilled you’re thrilled by our presence.

As part of your Tower Suites experience, we are pleased to invite you to visit Tableau located in the lobby for complimentary daily breakfast for two people from our special chef selected menu

Again, so pleased you’re pleased and we’re really pleased because we forgot to eat last night so busy were we drinking.

Oh and Brian, we’re not planning to invite others to the complimentary breakfast but point taken. It’ll just be the stipulated two of us each morning.

Simply charge the breakfast to your room and we will take care of the rest, noting that any gratuities are at your discretion.

Fair enough. It’s America and the Carmichaels are always happy to tip good service.

I have to tell you the breakfasts were fantastic. Eggs Benedict traditional, Eggs Benedict with salmon and chive hollandaise, an omelette with ‘foraged’ mushrooms and spinach – delicious. Mr C stuck to what we, back in Blighty, would call a Full English that just happened to come with copious quantities of toast and pastries galore.

Obviously we had orange juice, coffee and English Breakfast tea to wash down the feast provided on the daily menu handed to us by the greeter and seater.

even the condiments were scrumcious (mrscarmichael)
even the condiments were scrumcious (mrscarmichael)

We revelled in the food, the excellent service and the al fresco dining.

view from our Tableau table (mrscarmichael)
view from our Tableau table (mrscarmichael)

“This was really worth doing,” I purred to my husband of twenty five years as I stuffed my face on the last morning.

“Particularly since you can’t get out of a restaurant here for under $200.00,” he replied, cheeks bulging with egg sunny side up, wheat toast and lashings of whipped butter. “I’ll get the bill from reception and see you in the room.”

He arrived back on the 39th floor and suggested I consider repacking to include more bathroom bits and pieces.

After seeing the itemised bill I did and I did. But not the dressing gowns.

Once Mr C was put onto the duty manager his side of the phone conversation went something like this:

“So, I just need to understand what the Tableau bill of $100 plus is made up of. Right, but the breakfast is complimentary, no? Ok, I understand the gratuity element but the variation in daily charges does not reflect this. And this morning’s breakfast isn’t even listed yet. HOW MUCH? Can I read you the letter your receptionist gave us on check in, please?”

Mr C reads from the above with particular emphasis on complimentary, simply and we will take care of the rest.

” $35,” he exclaims. “Nowhere, does it mention a $35 maximum for two people. That’s $17.50 each. I don’t think there’s anything on the menu for less than $17.50. Yes, we were given one menu. The same menu every day. This cannot be the first phone call you’ve had about this.

“I am not a complainer in general (jury’s out on that one) but this is leaving a bad taste in my mouth (clever) and I need something to be done to reflect my level of concern about false advertising at the Wynn. Thank you, Scott, I appreciate your help.”

The charge was deducted from the total and that was only right. I am so pleased that I kept Brian’s welcome note. Too easy to bin extraneous fripperies when travelling.

Possibly the letter has been changed by now to reflect the unpalatable truth or perhaps high rollers don’t even notice or indeed care that they have been told porkies on booking. Untruths that are reinforced on arrival. It’s probable that Mr Wynn and his employ assume such detail is beneath us all to quibble over.

But quibble we must. Don’t you agree?

Wynning’s fun even if it’s not on a Craps table.

'just one more go, Honey> it'll pay fro the free breakfast' (mrscarmichael)
‘Just one more go, Honey. It’ll pay for the free breakfast’ (mrscarmichael)

If you enjoyed our travel machinations so far please read this: What Goes Around Comes Around or Vegas Encore. If you do I will love you so much more than I do right now.


29 thoughts on “A (Not So Amusing) Wynn Amuse Bouche

  1. What a lovely visit and I would have complained too! It ended up being free and you are supposed to take all the stuff in the bathroom (yes not the clothing) It sounds like a wonderful anniversary to me, congrats to you both!

  2. Craven celebrations in Las Vegas always seem to lead to that day of departure come to Jesus talk with the front desk about the free anything one is promised on making reservations. Viva Las Vegas!

  3. Craps, indeed. When in NYC a while ago, we were charged a convention tax per day on top of our (fluctuating) room rate and other unfathomable taxes, because the UN was in session – WTF?! is all I can say. And, yes, Australia has its problems too – I’m not just picking on the US – but here a room rate is a room rate.

    1. AND we got breakfast for free – as it should have been. I think most people don’t even notice or are too embarrassed to argue at Reception which is why we always take the provisional bill back to the room for a good old look see.

  4. I chuckled all the way through this. So pleased you dug your toes in about the bill, and winning the debate over prices ends a great narrative. The photos are fantastic too. Now to follow your link to Vegas>>>>>>>

  5. Ahhh yes, all the extra add ons. I am glad you quibbled as I would have too. I didn’t stay at the Wynn but I can imagine the bill. I don’t even want to ask how much the resort fee was :/ Fun post!!

  6. We have just left the Wynn after paying for our ‘free’ breakfasts at Tableau and our ‘free’ wifi for one person (they generously waived the wifi fee for the second person. Wifi per head not per room? A new one for me. We needed to get to the airport and could not afford to stand and argue for long over the ‘free’ breakfasts. Never again, Wynn Las Vegas. Evidently a scam they like to pull as often as possible.

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