Tree to Glass

Growing in my Palm Springs’ garden

glory, glory grapefruit
glory, glory grapefruit

picked and ripened on my diving board

I did no diving (mrscarmichael)
I did no diving (mrscarmichael)

until it turned outrageously orange

nail polish snap (mrscarmichael)
nail polish snap (mrscarmichael)

I drank it with my breakfast.


16 thoughts on “Tree to Glass

  1. I’m looking at the fruit on the diving board and thinking, “Durn it. That grapefruit has a better life than I do.” Once it wound up in the glass, however, I was feeling pretty good about mine.

      1. I am waiting with bated breath to hear if you make it back into Britain without an airport drama!
        Oh and congratulations on the silver wedding, it sounds like a wondeful trip.

  2. Yeah, we lucky folks in Western Massachusetts, we do the same, we just pluck the green oranges from our tree in the backyard and wait for it to ripen on the diving board —
    (Love the nail polish.)

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