Weekly Photo Challenge (Inside)

Ok so I’m taking a hairpin turn from my Mallorcan memoirs to give you Mrs Carmichael’s vision ofย inside.

This photograph was taken in the Tate Modern on a recent visit to London’s South Bank and I have to admit to you neither K……, my viewing companion nor I could be bothered queueing to look inside the coffinish shaped boxes. But I decided others peering was worth a click or two.

do I look at all silly? (mrscarmichael)
“do I look at all silly?” (mrscarmichael)

Seriously, what do we think these boxes contain?

Answers on a postcard, please.

49 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge (Inside)

  1. Ha! Great entry ๐Ÿ™‚ As for what’s inside those boxes – could it be actual bones? Or a miniature cityscape – or more likely – absolutely nothing?

  2. What an amusing post, Mrs. C! I do wonder what collection the Tate is displaying these days. Like what you have implied, one has to be in the right mood to enjoy the Tate. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I’m trying to think here….it’s at a museum of modern art. I’m going to guess there’s one of those fun house mirrors at the opposite end inside the box, so you get a good fright when looking in and see…. yourself, but all distorted.

  4. Well I enlarged it and there is a latch on one. I think they are clearly meant to transport something ( Hmmmmmm) safely !!!

  5. I’ll bet it was nothing and that’s why nobody is saying anything. They’re all scratching their heads and bums wondering why they can’t see whatever is supposed to be in there.

  6. What’s outside is strange enough. How oddly that man is dressed, what an odd outer jacket he’s clutching behind him. A road worker? An off-duty fireman? An overage explorer?

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