My Illa d’Or

This was my third time in Puerto Pollenca. The trips span fifteen years and I love Mallorca more every time I visit.

The Carmichael clan has always holidayed in the north east of the island, in Pollenca, its port or very close environs.

The only brief but sharp chicane on this holiday track was a two night stay in Andratx, on the south coast. Here Mr Carmichael and I vowed never again to bow to pre-pubecent pressure and give up the king bed to our daughters while we, the bill payers, languished on a lumpy sofa bed albeit with perfect views of both the sea and the television.

But I digress.

We love Puerto Pollenca and we love where we stayed last week.

I have told you about my favourite gates in the world, haven’t I? They have to feature in my first Mallorcan post.

Here they are 2013 style:

from the INSIDE (mrscarmichael)
from the INSIDE (mrscarmichael)

and further images of these divine doodles can be admired here Normal Service Will Resume…….. and here Weekly Photo Challenge (Geometry). I have a thing about them as you know.

The Illa d’Or Apartments did not let Mrs (or indeed Mr) Carmichael down. Not at all. Not one bit. We lucked out big time getting space, a larger pool than the hotel’s own, the right to lie on the waterfront sun loungers, all the facilities of the hotel, our own micro kitchen where I even cooked (once) and, of course, the gates.

Inside did not disappoint. I stalked the corridors. This is what I found (plus a couple of atmosphere pics free with the interiors):

I am a sucker for colour and here the Carmichael world was clearly colourful.

We also got into our apartment four hours before check in time. Oh yes! Which meant one thing. In clean clothes we were able to enjoy the world’s best pizza

all mine (mrscarmichael)
all mine (mrscarmichael)

and promenade,

pine walk perfection (mrscarmichael)
pine walk perfection (mrscarmichael)

before another clothes change and a pre-prandial at the Gin and Tonic Bar with views to die for.

Are you dead yet?

In fact, as I now remember, we didn’t actually make dinner that first night. After the behemoth of a pizza/pasta combo we dieted on peanuts, olives and wine. Tell me there’s anything wrong with that.

And as the night crept in

lights, camera, inaction (mrscarmichael)
lights, camera, inaction (mrscarmichael)

Carmichael mère and père knew they had struck gold.

29 thoughts on “My Illa d’Or

  1. This all looks heavenly. We’re going to Wales. Given the sudden change in the weather, this could be a very bad decision. I want pine walks and languorous vistas. And as for the gates – well what can one say…

    1. Having grown up right next to the sea I struggle with living in London. I think America’s midwest might be a stretch too far for me.
      In saying that I would love to do a road trip through the middle our your country.
      More pics to follow.

      1. Yes, we here dream all winter of somehow making it to at least Florida, lol. Although, I often forget there’s a powdery white beach on Lake Michigan just north of here. It’s waters are often too rough to swim in though. A road trip through the Midwest takes days, as we are so spread out here. Lots of flat farm land. But it’s pretty 🙂

  2. Sublime Mrs C, sublime. Gates, pizza, views, wine – even the peanuts and olives look awesome sandwiched between the wine! But I’m afraid that you probably lost an arm and a leg in paying for such luxurious surroundings…

  3. Mrs. C. Your vacations always provoke envy. But also a certain thankfulness that there is a benevolent world in which you may have them. I myself, as you may have noticed, went to Niagara Falls. Picturesque the town, ain’t.

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