Weekly Photo Challenge (a Mannequin’s POV)

I have given this challenge considerable thought. Because you know how proud I am to have modelled in some of the top fashion emporiums, not only in London but around the whole wide world, I think it’s necessary to support my colleagues and let you see the seedier side of life that can be thrown at a mannequin in today’s cut throat world of designer desirables.

From Mrs Carmichael’s point of view no model should have to go headless.

a twin travesty (mrscarmichael)
a twin travesty (mrscarmichael)

I do not think the meat hooks in any way compensate for the limited personality one can project without a face.

I would under no circumstances agree to model for this underwear range and am sad these girls felt they needed to do this job.

Almost worse is the new craze for invisibility modelling. Now, always in pairs for some reason, mannequins are asked to sit in public places seeing but utterly unseen. What, I ask you, is the point of this?

the chairs don't even look comfortable (mrscarmichael)
the chairs don’t even look comfortable (mrscarmichael)

Or this?

more comfy but just as confusing (mrscarmichael)
more comfy but just as confusing (mrscarmichael)

What is wrong with the good old fashioned status quo? Here, my friends, Lordes and Jorgé strut their, and the retailer’s, stuff to perfection.

let's give it up for full bodied mannequin modelling (mrscarmichael)
let’s give it up for full bodied mannequin modelling (mrscarmichael)

Yes, it’s great to have work. Yes, wearing and looking great in designer clothes is a real buzz and yes, it’s great to be a fashion icon but my point is that the view must be good and equal for both sides.

As the working life of a mannequin can now extend right into our silver surfing years if we take good care of our limbs and heads I shall leave you with this beautiful image of two intact and visible models enjoying a Mediterranean sunset on their dinner break.

looking to the future (mrscarmichael)
looking to the future (mrscarmichael)

25 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge (a Mannequin’s POV)

  1. Looking towards the future… Love that! Full of hope and optimism. I agree on the headless mannequin. Kind of creepy even if stylists thinks its artistic. I go for Lordes and Jorge. Have a great day!

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