Travel Theme (Play)

Playtime is the Where’s my backpack? theme of the week. So here’s my entry. What happens to the equipment when all the players go home?

toy story Costa Bravan stlye (mrscarmichael)
toy story Costa Bravan stlye (mrscarmichael)

And some I like earlier:

28 thoughts on “Travel Theme (Play)

  1. Perhaps it comes out to play, in the dark of night….I feel an old Ealing Comedy, or a Hammer Horror? Who knows? And more to the point, who’s going to wait up to see? Not me.

      1. Sue, I’m going to have to comment here because for some reason I cannot comment on a photo????
        That did make me laugh and does have a ring of truth to it 🙂

        No it was an automatic camera (ive read the settings off my mac book pro).
        But I do have an old Canon 400 ECS that I was trying to force into submission.

    1. I once went off one of those slidey things and could NOT get back in the boat. I had to be towed back to shore. Never will I step into one of those again unless I’m drowning.

  2. Interesting… odd even? I would have expected Mrs C to show us one of her sophisticated upmarket handbag shops where’s she’s fond of playing… 😉

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