Travel Theme (Big)

This pic may not be the bestest quality but it is, as far as Mrs Carmichael is concerned, the epitome of big. Big scenery, big view, big Sagrada Familia, big dive, big board.

What a venue:

Double back flip, triple twist, tango and a polka dot (mrscarmichael)
Double back flip, triple twist, tango and a polka dot (mrscarmichael)

Man, I love barcelona.

Other big ones at Where’s my backpack?

34 thoughts on “Travel Theme (Big)

  1. Please don’t take this the wrong way; but I can’t help but chuckle at the combination of “Big” theme, the swimmer, and the background.

    That said, it’s a great composite picture.

    1. Ben with you on that one however he was the only one I managed to snap with that background – the others are cityscapes.
      I guess we should agree that his ambition is big (it was after all the world finals)

      1. Depends on what you consider a “high board.” Kongo has leaped off some pretty high places into the water. The monkey is not so good on form…biggest goal was to not belly flop.

      1. Well, JB isn’t afraid of heights, being an alpine beaver, but at the same time he doesn’t like to put himself at risk. He isn’t as brave as he would like everyone to think. And he wouldn’t like to damage his lederhosen unnecessarily.

    1. thanking you. Now, here’s a question…..should I jump at a dog sit in North Chapel Hill next April/May. The house appears to be rather nice. Answers on a postcard please.

      1. OMG I thought it was a goodie – probably won’t get it ‘cos I’m due to be in Puglia with hubby on an achievers’ do till the 13th April which is the day she wants the sit to start but will now make contact and see if she can move her dates for Mrs C (not holding my breath) and of course you can be my roomie. I’d be devastated otherwise.

      2. I’m sure she’s going to be inundated with offers and there’s me trying to change her dates!
        Something will drop at some time, i’m certain.

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