Weekly Photo Challenge (One Shot, Two Ways)

A perfect challenge that panders to Mrs Carmichael’s inability to use the delete function on any of her cameras (save for ghastly pics of self). A couple of my particular favourites.

close in on perfection (mrscarmichael)
close in on perfection (mrscarmichael)

And the panorama is revealed.

mrs c's modernistly stained glass heaven (mrscarmichael)
the broader picture (mrscarmichael)




58 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge (One Shot, Two Ways)

  1. Oh, I am so with you on two major points. 1. I find it impossible to delete photos. 2. Except for the hideous ones that Mr ET always seems to manage to take of me, and then he says, “The camera never lies”. That comment never goes down well.

    I do love your photos however, especially the second one. The wall is like a crazy patch quilt. Where was this taken?

    1. This is in the Parador Aiguablava on the Costa Brava – it’s a 60’s hotel very modernist and therefore right up my alley.
      btw – the camera lies all the time. There is a patch of my neck I don’t mind being photographed now.

      1. no problem – I have allocated the day πŸ™‚ and even if we don’t get up it together I will be at the bottom with a sign and a plan that includes a cocktail.

  2. Great photos; brilliant wall. I want one. The big T has gone out, but I’m wondering how to suggest to him we knock out one of the walls in my office and replace it …. (I’m hearing the words … “in your dreams”) πŸ™‚

      1. Hehe; I like the way you think! My mum used to do that with redecorating. She’d strip the wallpaper off when my dad was at work then he’d have to spend his weekend re-papering.

      2. True; my mother-in-law endured years of an unplumbed dishwasher in situ – father-in-law never quite got round to it. Luckily for my mum Dad is totally OCD!

    1. That is at the parador in Aiguablava near Begur, Costa Brava. it’s high up near France. Indeed most of the guests were French. I must have taken 500 pics of its facades and angles.

      1. Yes, I believe other pics have been posted in my Spanish trilogy and possibly a photo challenge also. (I have actually used the H one before in a post but love it so much I couldn’t resist. Others I might add are not sticking to the rubrics, H and V, so why should I?
        But let’s keep that between us, please.

      2. Actually and most surprisingly there are not many – I posted tons on Facebook so now I might do another architecture post tomorrow on the parador. Still my beating heart.

    1. Shhhh – not supposed to have used one before but the close up is new and I was trying to obey the rubrics – one vertical, one horizontal.
      Anyway, that’s my excuse and Im sticking to it.

      Ive got it as my FB cover photo as well cos I love it so much too.

  3. I love this wall, and want one installed immediately ……and I also struggle to delete photos, until I reach the point where even my external hard drive is full. Then I get ruthless πŸ™‚

  4. Great pictures. If you had not mentioned that it was a hotel, I would have suspected a church. Looks like some I’ve seen in the U.S. that were constructed in the 60’s.

    By the way, I didn’t comment on the post but I thoroughly enjoyed your retelling of the postal customer service experience. I read it aloud to my wife and she was amused by it, as well.

    1. Oh thank you and you wife!
      Yes, deffo a 60’s modernist. And the modernists liked a bit of stained glass, in all the right places.
      I did a three parter on the trip to the Costa Brava which covers more of the hotel and the ups and downs of travel.

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