Travel Theme (Sweet)

It’s just lucky I noticed that someone who just happens to be doing much travelling at the mo, i.e. had used near identical pics of a wonderful Barcelona market before I posted mine so I have really had to rack my few remaining brain cells.

Realising that I really could not get away with yet another mojito shot (and yes, I do have more) we are now going to meander down Memory Lane and go the cute route with this one.

Taken mumble, mumble decades ago in a back garden far away and dressed up in home made tutus I give you a doctor, a top New Zealand chef, an entrepreneur/woman about town and…………..Mrs Carmichael.

Go figure.

not a ballerina amongst us (mrscarmichael's mother)
not a ballerina amongst us (mrscarmichael’s mother)

More sweetness here: Where’s my backpack? Thanks Ailsa.

35 thoughts on “Travel Theme (Sweet)

  1. Too sweet a picture, but rather a perplexed expression MrsC – looks like you are waiting for a share of the bounty (whatever that is) 😉

    1. I will have another look through stronger glasses at my quizzical? expression. I think we were looking at picked daisies like true little prima ballerinas.
      Are you sure you have picked me correctly?

  2. Sweet memories – Could be a book cover ” The Lifeh00d of a Daisy” Thank you for sharing 🙂 – I am happy for your small clicks of likeness at Far Away – Thank you 😀

  3. Oh that is just adorable. They even look like nice tutus. My dancing mistress (who was in her late 70s) made all the costumes for the ballet shows I was in as a child, and this was the era before human rights extended to children. The combination of too-tight knicker elastic and scratchy tulle is one I will not forget in a hurry. Nor all the mothers hissing at their whining daughters, ‘Shut up! It’s amazing what she does at her age!’

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