Whatever In Love Means

At the top I must say ‘congratulations’ to William, Duke of Cambridge and his stunning wife, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of the Princeling Cambridge yesterday afternoon.

HRH, the royal easel (national post.com)
HRH, the royal easel (national post.com)

Fantastic news. Although Mrs Carmichael was rooting for a girl she’s drowned her sorrows and wet the baby’s head, big style. It was hot, the wait was long, tensions were mounting and I do, you know, like a drink.

As I write the new family is yet to emerge from the wings of Lindo in Paddington and head off to either the pomp and circumstance of a palace royal and great grandparents Liz and Phil or back to Bucklebury in deepest Berkshire (the Royal County of) to grandparents Carol and Mike for a touch of common cuddles and night feeds.

Wherever they choose I thinks Kate is going to be surrounded with love and support and that’s a good thing.

And because good is usually tempered by not so good my thoughts are tugged back thirty one years to Diana emerging from the same hospital with the baby William in her arms, dressed in voluminous green with her knee high tights on show.

How different things might have been if she enjoyed similar levels of love and devotion from those close to her.

"whatever love means" (uk.glam.com)
“whatever in love means” (uk.glam.com)

I loved her (warts and all or indeed because of the warts) as did millions around the globe but it’s not quite the same is it?

In this engagement interview, our Prince of Wales does the best job of foreshadowing Yours Truly has ever happened upon. You know the concept, secretly telling the reader/audience the plot right up front but not so we realise.

Of course we didn’t know it at the time. We were only on Chapter One. To be fair Chaz possibly didn’t either, but he had a damn sight more idea than twenty year old Diana and indeed had accepted cufflinks engraved with a C from Camilla P B, his ‘ non negotiable’ mistress the evening before. He was definitely on, at least, Part Two.

One thing we can be certain about is Diana’s love for her sons. Of that there is no question and they, her in return. I think it shows.

love (dailymail.com)
love (dailymail.com)

How sad she isn’t here to celebrate the birth of another king, her grandson. To my mind there is just the faintest a wiff of an elephant (a beautifully elegant elephant) in the State Rooms of Buckingham Palace.

Cheers, Di.

Mrs C will raise a toast to you this evening.

32 thoughts on “Whatever In Love Means

    1. I’m going up to London for drinks with another closet royalist (nice ones) so will include you in our cheers.
      This might be a bit foolish as it’s over 30 degrees here and the tubes do not enjoy air con. Might be a rerun of my costa Bravan train experience.
      note to self – put a couple of paper towels for mopping into handbag.
      hope your last few days are treating you well.

      1. Hope you enjoy, and yes, it sounds like you better take the paper towels as you might have a repeat of your sweaty Costa Bravan experience. Cheers to Lady Di!

        Thanks, I’m going to Fado tonight and then I have only one more day in Lisbon. I’m actually ready to go home tomorrow, but I’ll have to stick it out. A month is a long time to travel. I’m looking forward to home. 🙂

  1. Oh I couldn’t agree more. My friend Ali and I felt she was there at the wedding, too, for who could forget her in that extraordinary crumpled puffball of a frock in which she still somehow managed to be beautiful. It began then, the absence of good, loving advice. I think when historians look back at her from the future, they’ll be shocked to see what seismic changes occurred in the royal family and the way it managed and portrayed itself after her death. Shame she had to be the scapegoat for all that.

  2. Firstly, let me say how much I enjoy reading your blog. Then I must say that I totally agree that there is nothing more sad than Lady Di not being there to enjoy that moment. I loved her she was so, “I’m going to so this my way, or the highway.” That I just loved about her. But always with style and flair, with a sincere love for her children. She just seemed really unhappy, and I don’t blame her. There was Charles making her look like a fool, and then the media never helping. So here is my cheers to the fallen Lady D. Shazza

  3. I’m with you, toasting for lady Di. I truly loved her, and was so shocked when she suddenly was gone. This beautiful, unhappy woman who never seemed to get enough credit for all her love and good heart. Wish she could have seen her grandchild…and maybe she can. Cheers.

      1. I think so too. We went to England shortly after and I stood weeping at the gates seeing all the notes and flowers. The funeral – even my husband and my children wept that whole day. We will always remember her,

    1. Yes I think she brought ‘the firm’ into the 21st century even though she was no longer with us.
      I think it’s amazing the baby george is at ‘home’ in a family home in Berkshire right now and it does make me think how scared Diana must have been doing it by herself.

  4. Great sentiments mrsc. It’s such a shame that Diana isn’t there to enjoy these special moments and it’s also a shame that William can’t share his happiness with her. I loved Diana too. She was only 18 days older than me and I often think now about all the wonderful things she has missed since she died. Whenever people complain about getting older or having another birthday I always respond by reminding them that Princess Diana would have loved the opportunity to age gracefully and with dignity.

    I saw her wedding dress in an exhibition at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum a couple of years ago and even though it was crushed on the day and not at its best, it is a truly stunning work of fabric and crystals. It’s gorgeous.

    1. This baby’s birth has brought back a whole lot of memories of her. I loved my daily dose – her clothes, her activities (good and bad – she was often in a muse house opposite my flat in Kensington!!! with her body guard outside) but I think it’s now we can see the humanising effect she has had.
      William has determination I think and hopefully puts others before himself. At least it seems he does. Something Chaz has yet to learn to do.

      1. I was pregnant at the same time and my son was born very close to William. I don’t follow movie stars or singers but I surely did follow her! A sad tale but the future looks brighter.

      2. I didn’t realise until I sat up in bed that Sunday morning and burst into tears and didn’t stop crying for at least 8 days how much of a daily dose I took from her.

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