Weekly Photo Challenge (Fresh)

A perfect challenge for a Carmichaely eclectic collage of freshness:

Other freshness I like:

31 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge (Fresh)

    1. Thank you. I like the ‘stylish’. And I notice you have managed to comment on my minty mojito pic. Shame I cannot reply to the comment 🙂
      Ah WP, what would we do without you?

      1. Now got another bug – though can’t blame WP for this one – Sony DVD recorders have gone into a black hole and a permanent UPDATE situation. Aaargh!! I don’t know whether my poor little brain can take much more!!!

      2. OMG, we’ve had not one but two tv’s go in the last week (yes they were quite old) and the front door lock as well. Mr C has sprayed a whole can of WD40 into the lock so now we get to shut the door and leave grease stained finger prints everywhere we go.

      3. oh and FYI, that’s Cinders, my twin sister, cleaning the plate glass window. If (God forbid) it had been me, I’d have drawn the blinds first.

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