Travel Theme (Tilted)

Not only is Mrs Carmichael pleased to be allowed out of everyone’s SPAM bucket but she is also most delighted with Ailsa’s theme this week of all things on a tilt.

I thought of this photo immediately as I remembered deciding to angle the camera making the Millenium Bridge and its pedestrians the focus. From where I was standing, high up on a terrace in the Tate Modern, the tilting was a necessity that has now born fruit.

once the bridge tilted and swung, now it's just the photographer's hands (mrscaemichael)
once the bridge tilted and swung, now it’s just the photographer’s hands (mrscarmichael)

More tilted photographs here:Β Where’s my backpack?

34 thoughts on “Travel Theme (Tilted)

  1. Welcome back to the outside world. It has been beautifully sunny while you’ve been locked in the bucket πŸ™‚ Seriously though, I do sympathise. I am having big problems with WordPress at the moment and can only access my blogs by using the internet connection at a local cafe. Not good for the figure as I can’t resist the pastries. I love the photo. It’s such a great bridge, at any angle.

    1. Oh no how horrid. i have no idea why that should be????
      Now, Debbie what you need to do it ratchet it up a notch and become the next J K Rowling who wrote her first Harry P in a local caf.

      1. Yes I am. Still have to organise a few minor details. I have to decide whether to get oyster cards or London travel cards. Can we buy one oyster card and double swipe it for the two of us?

      2. NO, you would have to have separate ones. What does the travel card give you?
        Everyone here has the oyster. You just buy at a station for Β£5 and top up as you go.

      3. I can buy 7 day travel cards from VisitBritain in Sydney and they have unlimited travel on buses, trains and light rail. I’m not sure if they would cover Heathrow into the city though.

      4. Well the tube goes from Heathrow so it should.
        I’ll look it up.
        Getting the oyster is the work of a moment though I wouldn’t let that aspect concern you.

      5. Oh, and wasn’t the cricket disastrous. We bought tickets for the first ashes test in Brisbane at the end of November for the fourth day, and then wondered if there would still be any play to watch by the fourth day…

        that link will fry your brain cells.
        I seem to be wrong about Heathrow – neither cover it.
        There’s also a visitors oyster – don’t see the point.
        the tc has no afternoon peak time price which is good but I think you have to pay up front wheras O is payg and credit is refunded.
        Enjoy the decision…….
        Actually Mr C has been watching the golf today so by proxy I have too.

      7. I did some research too. The Visitor oyster card will be the one for us. We can use it from Heathrow and also on National Rail when we travel to Portsmouth for the day to visit friends. It’s much cheaper than the travel card. I can buy them here from the VisitBritain site with credit already loaded.

  2. Love your angled shot, mrs. carmichael. Lately, as I’ve been looking through all my pics of Spain and Portugal, I’m convinced everything I see is lopsided. And not on purpose!

    1. Thank you Dianne and I, your pup. I have a list as long as my arm for puppy names for my virtual new puppy. Determined not to get one (for a while) because i’m making a break for freedom.

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