It’s Not Just Mrs Carmichael’s Comments That Are SPAM It’s Many, Many UK Bloggers Along With Yours Truly

self portrait (
self portrait (

Ah ha, this is only affecting WordPress bloggers from the UK it seems. It also appears many of us are affected.

WordPress takes no responsibility even though many of us are paying for premium themes and add ons.

After a direct plea to Akismet I got a response on Monday from Mark, telling me my problems (blogging wise anyway) were over.

No way José. They (my problems), along with other poor souls’ (problems) from this fair isle are still in the same dang position – ham unable to link or comment on bloggers’ posts.

Now he’s stopped speaking to me.

I posted a comment on his blog but guess where it went? Got it in 1.  His SPAM folder.

WP has, today suggested we wait A WEEK and then let them know if we still have an issue. Then ‘further action’ can be taken.

Oh, please. Anybody as happy with this suggestion as I am?

Silly, daft Mrs C thinks someone should pay us some attention and sort the bug out. And keep us informed along the way.

To all my followers, can you go into your spam folder/comments pending and unspam me, please.

To those I follow but you don’t follow me, I am so sorry. Mrs Carmichael is still replying and still loving you. Heaven knows how you get to see this though.

Signing out from the wilderness,

Yours unhappily,


PS Here’s a helpful comment from a WordPress member, ie someone who answers our WP problems.

I hope that everyone here recognizes that

1. Akismet Staff are on our side – they are our spam prevention team!

2. Akismet Staff are working flat out as quickly as they can to address this issue.

3. This is public forum and every thread is available to everyone on the internet including the spammers who are undoubtedly getting off on the discomfort of hobbybloggers who I sincerely hope are not becoming daram queens and kings.

Bottom line: It’s only a blog.

So why not get up and get outside of your head for awhile? There’s nothing to be lost by getting some fresh air and it may help bring things into perspective so this issue is not a drama creating opportunity for those who lack a vibrant offline social life.

Mine might might might be fixed now. I’m almost too scared to try and comment.


63 thoughts on “It’s Not Just Mrs Carmichael’s Comments That Are SPAM It’s Many, Many UK Bloggers Along With Yours Truly

  1. Well, I’m getting e-mail posts from your blog…and have been all along…but I don’t have premium themes/add-ons, perhaps that’s lucky. I take it Akismet are a provider of premium stuff?

    1. But Sue I can’t post on your blog unless you’ve unspammed me.
      Someone else kindly posted my weekly photo because it’s impossible for me to anymore.
      My posts still go into readers and I can comment on my own, but no one else’s.
      The forum runs for 4 pages now – nothing’s fixed and it’s all happening, it seems, in the UK.

      1. Ah, sorry to be so dense (a definite new affliction for me)…did wonder why your comments had dried up….now I have to take a look at how to un spam, should be easy enough, I’ll go investigate

  2. I am not happy about the way WP and Akismet are handling this – why are there so many different forum posts on WP support with staff and members giving different advice? If this is affecting ALL UK bloggers then it is major and SOMEONE should step up and take control – and inform US. As a former support person in IT I am horrified by the lack of communication.

    Very grumpy from UK – in your SPAM again most likely, as unspamming doesn’t seem to work forever…

    1. No it’s temporary only but this one came to me. Honestly!
      People it’s not happening to are struggling to understand the problem because they see our posts but cannot see what we cannot do……
      It’s understandable.

      I think a few posts tagging WP< Akismet etc cannot hurt.

      1. correct. I tried on another site where I have been unspammed, but guess what? Yeah vanished into thin air – AGAIN. I am puzzled though as that blogger is also UK based, but has no issues. I wonder if it has anything to do with the platform we are using. I use a PC with Windows 8 (blah!) and I.E. 10 – I wonder if this problem affects Mac users?

  3. I too have been communicating with ‘Mark’ who was similarly upbeat about having fixed the problem – “oh no you haven’t”. This of course is heading straight into your Spam folder 😦

    1. Now, it hasn’t gone into my spam folder ??????
      But the problem is still there.
      At least we all know where we live now (I guess your clue’s in your title :))

  4. Another blogging friend highlighted this a couple of days ago, lives somewhere down south. She took her comp into the shop for a techy to sort it out and managed to get a test post through to me 🙂 and the other day I found four or five others lurking in the bin.

    I asked her to test comments out on one of my other blogs, the first one went in the spam, but the second came up good as gold 🙂


    1. When you say down south do you mean the UK?

      So many are having this problem. I believe it’s an Akismet bug and it’s sure bugging me.

      Are you writing from Gib or the uk?

      1. Of course down south is the UK (says the woman from Yorkshire)! Otherwise I would have been specific eg Andalucía. Which is also down south but I would never think of describing it as such. Although in my pueblo we do describe anyone from anywhere else as from el norte.

        Gib. I’m afraid the UK is rather too expensive for my modest budget. And I don’t blog in Spain (same reason, cost).

      2. PS, I did suggest to the other blogger that she get a MAC on the grounds that everything is down to Windows, but apparently not in this case! Anyway, any excuse to recommend Hal Apples suits me.

    1. Hahahaa yours came in as SPAM!

      No it was comments or links I made on other people’s posts that was the problem. Was happening to loads of folks but in my case and after 10 days and some unnecessarily patronising comments it may just be OK now………

    1. Thanks, Peter. I presume you’ve unspammed me.
      The trouble is I’m commenting less and less knowing my pearls are dropping straight into the trash.
      This is a bit like constructive dismissal.

  5. 😦 I really hope this gets sorted out quickly–and I’m quite impressed that you were able to track this down as a problem affecting so many from the UK–I would be convinced it was just my ineptitude. 😉


    1. I thought that for about 5 days (mine not yours) but once I got into the forums I realised I had the higher ground, metaphorically at least.
      I haven’t said it yet but if this was affecting the US of A more attention might be being spent???????

      1. Mine just just just might be fixed……
        but take another look at my last post. I’ve added a helpful comment one of the WP people put up in the middle of all this. I think you’ll enjoy it.

      1. Unfortunately — or maybe fortunately– soon to be Sheffield friend. I return to the UK in two weeks. I think it wi be a bit more of a struggle to find things in the UK to photograph and write about, but maybe not.

      2. No, plenty here I promise although Sheffield is an unknown quantity to me – knives?-
        Make sure you do not tell WP or you’ll be hit with the same bug!!!
        We are enjoying the best of English summer presently but I’m sure that’ll all be gone before your return.

      3. Megan. I’ve just commented on your post and it’s gone into spam. please don’t unspam me today cos WP Akismet are asking for egs and I’ll use yours if you don’t mind cos I know there’s a comment there.

      4. Sure. I’ll leave you in the pool with all the Laboutins, Michael Kors bags, Nike, and advice for getting more visits to my blog! Let me know when you are ready or want to get out!

  6. not sure if you have read the latest in the forum MrsC

    but they have closed the topic stating that it is fixed. If only… not for me I have tried commenting on two blogs today, both who have unspammed me in the past, one posted, the other vanished! If you use BT or Sky for your connection it seems the troubles may not yet be over. Yours truly is on BT 😦

    (I must say I think that Timethief person was a bit out of order with her patronising comments – who does she think she is?)

    1. OMG just read her comments. From the look of her pic I think SHE spends too long at the hairdresser.

      I have added her comments to my last spam post . I think they prove a wee point.

      1. But can you comment? It is a bit hit and miss for me. Tried new blogs and it was OK, tried regular blogs and some posted, others vanished!

        And I heard back from Mark – saying it had been fixed but are continuing to monitor the situation and will continue to make any changes needed so that you can comment as you expect to.

        I’ll give it a day or two and see if things improve. But it feels so good to be free.. ish again xx

      2. Ive tried only 2 and they worked will try some random ones now.
        Couldn’t help it but I added timethiefs comments to the end of my last post. Felt they deserved more publicity.
        What a douche.

  7. You’re going to hate me for this, but I have to be fair… (I’m uptight that way) To the best of my knowledge,
    Time Thief is not actually a WP employee, she’s a volunteer. Knowing her a bit from following her blogs and her comments on mine, I honestly believe she meant well in her comments to you.

    I have to say, if I didn’t “know” her, I would have a very different take on the comment. 😮

    Now, I hope hope hope this is fixed for you and all of the UK bloggers and followers 😀

    1. Well, it’s always good to get another perspective on her and I didn’t use her name but when people are ignoring you and telling you it’s fixed when it wasn’t It’s tricky to be served pie with a side of patronising.
      However, it the service of fairness I m i g h t take it down……soon.

  8. I think that response by WP was totally unprofessional. For many, it isn’t “just a blog”, it is part of their livelihood even if money is not made directly through the blog itself. Clearly this person has little regard for the product they provide. Now, I just hope my blog is still working tomorrow! 😉

    1. I know, I’m thinking of taking her comment down or do you already think I’m on their black list already?
      the thing is if we hadn’t been “drama queens” we’d still be it the s…
      How do you win?

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