Weekly Photo Challenge (The Golden Hour)

Now I know that bloggers are going to miss out on this post because Akismet has decided to consign Mrs Carmichael to the spam bucket and, apparently, only works week days!!!!!! but I have chosen to post anyway because at least my readers get to see Barcelona Beach in the golden hour.

Mr C and I were on our way to Aqua, a lovely beach bar/bistro to have a mojito or three.

Most of these people were still there some mumble, mumble hours later when hubby and I staggered back toward the taxi rank.

beach me golden (mrscarmichael)
beach me golden (mrscarmichael)

I am not even going to try and attach this to the WordPress Photo Challenge post because it will get me too dang cross.

Mrs Carmichael is not, and never was spam!@£$%^&*(£$%^&*()

See previous post (Have I Been categorised as SPAM?) for more detail of my predicament and blogging friends’ apposite comments.



46 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge (The Golden Hour)

  1. This looks suitably golden for the theme, and hopefully will get you out of cross mode if you get some more comments…only good, of course… Chin up, there’s worse things than spam. 🙂

    1. sadly, ET it’s only the kind souls like yourself who have actively unspammed me. To the rest I’m still squashed noodles.
      Yes, sun, sand and sangria makes for happy people.

    1. Too long ago, Jude but you might be on the right track. Friday night I had a dinner party here at Casa Carmichael. Don’t know what possessed me.
      Good thought btw. I wonder if Mrs C’s up to that particular technical challenge?????

      1. Glad to be of service MrsC. 🙂

        Another oddity, even on bloggers who have approved me (like your good self) I still cannot post a comment on any of their individual photos such as in a gallery. Also I am having A LOT of disconnection problems when in WordPress. Funny that as I wasn’t before this problem materialised. This is in fact the second time I have tried to post this comment!!!!!!

        Jude xx

      2. yes, Ive had that problem with individual pics too and once you go into them you can’t get back to the post and have to go right out?????
        I’m not disconnecting but am often finding posts aren’t opening when I click on them.
        Tomorrow has to be our day?
        ‘Tomorow, tomorrow, tomorrow
        I love ya, tomorrow
        You’re only a day away.’

    1. No, that wont be spam, cos I’m in your reader but if you go to your spam folder I bet you that my comment on your marble post is sitting the comfy but alone 😦
      If ’tis, will you unspam me please. I don’t like being rubbish.

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