Travel Theme (Sculpture)

windy Wellington icon (mrscarmichael)
windy Wellington icon (mrscarmichael)

I have gone for a iconic Wellington point of interest as my entry in this week’s travel theme, sculpture.

These colourful buckets have graced Manners’ Mall in Godzone’s capital city for more years than Mrs Carmichael cares to count and have witnessed a sea change in their environs during that time. The mall is now gentrified and bohemian and an ‘in’ place to be and be seen.

The water fountain now looks great. Once it didn’t, like paua shells. It’s becoming ‘retro’ and its water now splashes the city’s cool ones.

'and action' (mrscarmichael)
‘and action’ (mrscarmichael)

More sculpture can be found at (Where’s my backpack?) and these in particular:


18 thoughts on “Travel Theme (Sculpture)

      1. Oh yes, the state hosing capital of NZ. DON’T do that again.
        My best friend has an ‘apartment’ that she rents through right in the middle of all the action (and very near the bucket fountain). I have written about it before. She’s a right hoot as well. I’ll find a link.

      2. Yes I remember reading that post…best breasts etc! :)It looks like a great place to stay. The link worked too, all I had to do was click on it. So you’re not as hopeless as you thought.

  1. Nice that it seems to be maintained well! There’s one like this in my home town of Boston, no water though, it’s more like a huge marble run, it has been operating since I was a kid, for 40 or so years. (Yikes!, am I that old?)

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