Weekly Photo Challenge (Companionable)

You might think riding a motorbike is a lonely pursuit. I hope these two photos, taken on a bikers’ delight of a road to Akaroa, near Christchurch, New Zealand bely this opinion.

we're waiting for our friends (mrscarmichael)
we’re waiting for our friends (mrscarmichael)

It’s not all about the road.

save me a seat (mrscarmichael)
save me a seat (mrscarmichael)

love these:


27 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge (Companionable)

  1. Gorgeous! Freedom and companionship! Just the way it should be. 😀
    Great shots and post Mrs. C! Love it! 😀 *hugs*

  2. I enjoyed both shots and although I thought about shots of my family, I wasn’t sure they appreciate it. BTW, the link on the comments section doesn’t come to this post. If you have a corrected one later, I apologize–I just haven’t gotten to it yet.


    1. I think the second one does, Janet????? I’ll check and thanks for the head’s up. The first one I put the month as July!
      Thanks too re the shots. Yes I tend not to put the ‘fam’ up often.

      1. No no no no no, Mrs. C!
        Of absolutely spiffy black leather jackets worn by motocyclistes of all genders —
        Take a look —http://www.springfieldmuseums.org/

      2. OMG now I reread you comment, in the clear light of mumble glasses of sad blanc, I see I veered too far off the biker route! And having been one…… I am mortified.

  3. We’ve been away camping for a week, no phone, no internet and no tv, so I’m enjoying catching up on all your posts this morning. I love these photos. They are a clever interpretation of the theme. Were you riding one of these bikes?

      1. Oh well, that sounds nice too… Mr ET is a bike man, but I only ever rode on the back once. I was so scared I nearly died of fright and I haven’t been on it again. I reckon I could do a sidecar or one of those giant trikes like Billy Connolly rides though.

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