Weekly Photo Challenge (The World Through Mrs Carmichael’s Contact lens)

I paid a fortune for my new emerald green contact lenses. So much better value that rose tinted spectacles I find.

It’s true, I do have a predilection for all things colourful and whether it’s a balloon flight over Fortnum and Mason whilst chomping on a boysenberry macaron, a Griswold’s tour of the Tate Modern or being caught up in a Hari Krishna parade on Picadilly I’m your gal. Count me in.

I have an eye for these things you know.

May I present a Carmichaely world of colour.


25 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge (The World Through Mrs Carmichael’s Contact lens)

      1. No, it’s shade all of it’s own, my late father could have told you what it looked like, it must have been something that went out of mainstream fashion in the 1940s (ie way before my time, but thought I would give it a go)

    1. Oh, wardrobes are different although my mother did tell me (in my early twenties) that black didn’t suit me. Whatever I thought at the time it did stick with me and I don’t wear much of that colour I admit.
      Somewhat unfortunately I’m in beige/oatmeal today – yuck!

      1. LOL, if my mother would have told me black didn’t suit me, I would have worn nothing but. πŸ˜‰

        It’s a lazy don’t bother me Sunday here, you don’t want to know what I’m wearing.

  1. It’s summer with a vengeance here, should make its way across the pond in three days or so. (It was TOO hot today, so be careful what you wish for.)
    Love your world of color, the hotter the better. I’m with you, Mrs. Carmichael!
    (When I was wearing contact lenses, before cataract operations made them unnecessary, my favorites were emerald green. People used to swoon over my green eyes, and I would smile a catlike smile and say thank you, and not even feel the teeniest bit like a fraud. Shameless! Go to it, Mrs. C.)

  2. A beautiful and colourful world indeed Mrs. C. Lovely shots as usual and a great entry for the challenge. πŸ˜€ *hugs*

  3. Bonjour Mrs Carmichael,
    What a delightful mix of color πŸ™‚
    Hoping that the summer sunshine will be coming to color us all sunny… It is hard coming outside Paris.

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